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  1. Krimzson

    voxxie confirmed scammer

    Did you look at the pic? Scroll to the second pic and you can blatantly see he was trying to fuck me over
  2. Krimzson

    voxxie confirmed scammer

    I have most of my stuff up on csgo lounge so i know very well, i just felt the need to post this particular one on the forums because he is part of the community and he could be going after others in the community. And everyone with a 10$+ inventory gets scammers and scam group adds, it is far more common than people think it is
  3. Krimzson

    voxxie confirmed scammer

    I dont care what it is he tried to take 100 dollars from me, i dont care how you look at it he is a bitch
  4. Krimzson

    voxxie confirmed scammer

    voxxie that used to play on the server a lot just tried to trade scam me while i was in a comp, i have known him for 5+ months, goes to show you that you dont know who you can trust Proof: http://imgur.com/a/q41Gw (my stattrak awp asiimov is at the bottom) im reporting him to steamrep and every list on the first 2 pages on google when you search "steam scammer list" http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198303699226 (his profile so you know to avoid him)
  5. Krimzson

    how did u get ur name

    it was a joke pinkie jeez, that was the point of the kappa
  6. Krimzson

    how did u get ur name

    i used to go by krayzi, people always said i was crazy so i made a name of it. but recently i moved to Krimzson because crimson is my favorite color and my favorite pro player is krimz (hence krimz(son)).
  7. Krimzson

    how did u get ur name

    i fuck horses* Kappa
  8. Krimzson


    Im at work right now but when i get home i will pm you the vid, and im over it now, i just want to know where the line is drawn in the future. I have been slayed for killing someone who ran when i asked them to freeze for a check and you killed me within 7 while there was a gunfight happening close by and essentially just told me to get over it
  9. Krimzson


    i was stopped by a detective who told me to freeze with my knife out and i did, and as i did someone shot in the room next to us so i got my gun out, then the detective shot me. this happened over the course of ~7 seconds (i watched it back and counted)
  10. Krimzson


    and before zarack responds, this is a question to all admins but him
  11. Krimzson


    when can a detective kill for not stopping for a taser check? i was told by an admin (cant remember who) that it is after 3 warnings 5 seconds apart, but some admins will kill you within 5 seconds of asking if you dont have your knife out, even if someone is shooting in the room next to you
  12. Krimzson

    I'm nutty

  13. Krimzson

    pr0fs' Introduction

    seen him on the server before, real chill
  14. Krimzson

    That feel

  15. Krimzson

    Special someone?

    just me and the 3000 guys she follows, but i dont mind because it is an open relationship

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