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  1. Mr.Happy

    I got the job

    Hey so uh, I got the job. That doesnt mean I wont be on less though, IM KEEPING MY HOURS CONSISTENT. (p.s happy valentines day ) - love Happy
  2. Mr.Happy

    Do you fold or crumble

    Im more of a both guy. Sometimes i fold, sometimes i crumble, all depends on the day i guess Im more of a both guy. Sometimes i fold, sometimes i crumble, all depends on the day i guess
  3. Mr.Happy

    Change !raffle

    I believe !raffle should be changed to !gamble or !lottery because it is a more of a play on chance than a team competition. also it just sounds better
  4. Mr.Happy

    Happy's Schedule

    Happy will be gone 2/11 - 2/13
  5. Mr.Happy

    Happy got a job???

    Many of you might be thinking, theres no way happy got a job...and youre right i havent gotten the job yet but the interview did go very well and i believe that im going to get it so soon yours truly will be making BANK (hopefully)
  6. Mr.Happy

    Preview Shop Items?

    good point, !gift happy 500
  7. Mr.Happy

    Preview Shop Items?

    I dont know about anyone else but I'd like to know what im getting before i buy it. I also dont know how the servers would be able to implement this so honestly this is a pretty bad suggestion but i believe that its a good idea.
  8. Mr.Happy

    comeback Icepack

    @IcePack i miss you (no homo)...(okay maybe a little homo)
  9. Mr.Happy

    Happy's Schedule

    i’m doing very well how about yourself
  10. Mr.Happy

    Leaving DEFY

    I ignore forums for 4 god damn days and look what happens! but in all seriousness I will miss you trace :( hope your future treats you well. (stop by as much as possible)
  11. Mr.Happy

    Happy's Schedule

    Hi everyone, im making this to alert all of you about the days when i am able to play csgo. (i cant play everyday due to my parents not loving eachother enough to live in the same house) I will add to this whenever i am going to be gone. Happy will not be on : 2/1 - 2/6
  12. Mr.Happy

    The origins of Defy names.

    I got my name from a VICE short film named "Mr. Happy" that i really enjoy. I suggest all of you go watch it, its very interesting and suspenseful. But yeah i basically copied it, other than that i am usually a pretty happy guy so i guess thats where it all came from
  13. Mr.Happy

    Im Back

    its pretty weird but thank you
  14. Mr.Happy

    well here we are again

    i love you krit
  15. Mr.Happy


    they always cum crawling back

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