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  1. Mr.Happy


  2. Mr.Happy

    What is this?

    yes, this is a very late response but yes
  3. Mr.Happy

    Custom Round Suggestions

    Name: Negev Rounds Armor: Yes Helmet: Yes Weapons: Negev Health: 750
  4. Mr.Happy

    Custom Round Suggestions

    Name: No-Scope Rounds Armor: No Helmet: No Weapons: SSG 08 Health: 200 unable to scope in
  5. Mr.Happy

    Tribute to Some_Person

    Sad to say goodbye after only knowing you for 10 months 17 days and 14 hours ;( but in the end, its your decision. Make sure to stop by and give us your best pornos every now and again. @Some_Person
  6. As we all know, Duke tends to get out of control at times and is tempted to release his anger on a frightened child named Happy. Now Happy just wants to be left at peace in teamspeak and at times will talk here and there but usually just minds his own business. Sadly, Happy is known as a meme in the DEFY community and is made fun of often. Happy, being the one that gets bullied a lot, is Duke's first pick at a game I call " move happy to every channel in teamspeak till he cycles back to the channel he originated" or MHTECITTHCBTTCHO for short. This has gotten so out of hand that Duke does this to poor little Happy multiple times a day. I just wanted to make this clear to everyone and I want everyone to share the hashtag #StopDukeFromAbusing2k17
  7. Mr.Happy

    Happy's Office

    For those who dont know, in teamspeak i designated the 1v1 channel as my office. That is where i would spend most of my time in teamspeak when i wasnt doing much. But after the teampseak changes the 1v1 channel was destroyed and sadly it no longer exists. This poll is here as kind of a petition to see if i should get my office (the 1v1 channel) back.
  8. ALLAHU AKBAR... i mean uhhhh, if we worked together we would all be living on the moon by now
  9. Mr.Happy

    10000 Credits!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes everyone give me your credits @Pinkie Pie @Never Done
  10. STEAM_1:0:56604435 have to put this here for now until the ban report page actually works so i dont lose it.
  11. I finally hit 10000 credits. id like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. @SensationalUnicorn you gave me probably around 1 credits and i think it was for a freeday but yanno. @Norflayflay giving me those last 91 i needed. and @IcePack for being my dad. and to @Zarakattack for giving me a warning point that was for a joke. Heres to 10000 and 67382964 more.
  12. Mr.Happy

    jailbreak is not fun

    like juggeling and shit? news flash you cant do that. every talent show its more like screaming in the mic and saying dumb shit like" my talent is that i can cum on your sister"
  13. Mr.Happy

    IcePack AiMl0CK????

    I did this in black ops 2 once, there was 2 seconds left so i jumped of the cliff and turned my crosshair really quick and fired and i got a headshot. we tied tho so it wasnt the final killcam. im still mad about that to this day.
  14. Mr.Happy

    jailbreak is not fun

    Nobody on the server is good at anything they all suck and just mic spam. but thats whats so fun

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