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  1. i am on the verge of calling the fbi and asking them to do anal torture on uwu
  2. @UWU scammed me of 1000 credits. big sad
  3. your moms vagina OOOoOoOOo000o0o, but actually its at a restaurant that i feel i shouldnt disclose
  4. I currently have a job and honestly its not that bad but the thing that sucks is that ITS TAKING TIME AWAY FROM DEFY which some might argue isnt a bad thing but i disagree. I love this community and want to be a part of it but its hard when i have to work 24/7. Im trying to get on and play as much as i can so some of you may catch me on at times but i hope i can keep staying engaged and active. I love you all ? and i still miss Icepack ?
  5. Hey so uh, I got the job. That doesnt mean I wont be on less though, IM KEEPING MY HOURS CONSISTENT. (p.s happy valentines day ) - love Happy
  6. Im more of a both guy. Sometimes i fold, sometimes i crumble, all depends on the day i guess Im more of a both guy. Sometimes i fold, sometimes i crumble, all depends on the day i guess
  7. I believe !raffle should be changed to !gamble or !lottery because it is a more of a play on chance than a team competition. also it just sounds better
  8. Happy will be gone 2/11 - 2/13
  9. Many of you might be thinking, theres no way happy got a job...and youre right i havent gotten the job yet but the interview did go very well and i believe that im going to get it so soon yours truly will be making BANK (hopefully)
  10. I dont know about anyone else but I'd like to know what im getting before i buy it. I also dont know how the servers would be able to implement this so honestly this is a pretty bad suggestion but i believe that its a good idea.
  11. @IcePack i miss you (no homo)...(okay maybe a little homo)
  12. i’m doing very well how about yourself
  13. I ignore forums for 4 god damn days and look what happens! but in all seriousness I will miss you trace :( hope your future treats you well. (stop by as much as possible)
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