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  1. i am on the verge of calling the fbi and asking them to do anal torture on uwu
  2. @UWU scammed me of 1000 credits. big sad
  3. your moms vagina OOOoOoOOo000o0o, but actually its at a restaurant that i feel i shouldnt disclose
  4. I currently have a job and honestly its not that bad but the thing that sucks is that ITS TAKING TIME AWAY FROM DEFY which some might argue isnt a bad thing but i disagree. I love this community and want to be a part of it but its hard when i have to work 24/7. Im trying to get on and play as much as i can so some of you may catch me on at times but i hope i can keep staying engaged and active. I love you all ? and i still miss Icepack ?
  5. Hey so uh, I got the job. That doesnt mean I wont be on less though, IM KEEPING MY HOURS CONSISTENT. (p.s happy valentines day ) - love Happy
  6. Im more of a both guy. Sometimes i fold, sometimes i crumble, all depends on the day i guess Im more of a both guy. Sometimes i fold, sometimes i crumble, all depends on the day i guess
  7. I believe !raffle should be changed to !gamble or !lottery because it is a more of a play on chance than a team competition. also it just sounds better
  8. Happy will be gone 2/11 - 2/13
  9. Many of you might be thinking, theres no way happy got a job...and youre right i havent gotten the job yet but the interview did go very well and i believe that im going to get it so soon yours truly will be making BANK (hopefully)
  10. I dont know about anyone else but I'd like to know what im getting before i buy it. I also dont know how the servers would be able to implement this so honestly this is a pretty bad suggestion but i believe that its a good idea.
  11. @IcePack i miss you (no homo)...(okay maybe a little homo)
  12. i’m doing very well how about yourself
  13. I ignore forums for 4 god damn days and look what happens! but in all seriousness I will miss you trace :( hope your future treats you well. (stop by as much as possible)
  14. Hi everyone, im making this to alert all of you about the days when i am able to play csgo. (i cant play everyday due to my parents not loving eachother enough to live in the same house) I will add to this whenever i am going to be gone. Happy will not be on : 2/1 - 2/6
  15. I got my name from a VICE short film named "Mr. Happy" that i really enjoy. I suggest all of you go watch it, its very interesting and suspenseful. But yeah i basically copied it, other than that i am usually a pretty happy guy so i guess thats where it all came from
  16. its pretty weird but thank you
  17. they always cum crawling back
  18. In-Game Name: Mr.Happy Age: 17 Discord Username?: Mr.Happy Why do you want to join DEFY?: Ive been inactive for a while but i kinda missed csgo and these are the servers im most firmiliar with and i think i made the servers more enjoyable to play because im a fun guy How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? enforcing the rules more What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? really fun and chill Who invited you to DEFY?: Icepack ;( Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
  19. Hi im back, for good this time? who knows. but i do want my admin back so ill probably stay (i kinda just realized ive been with defy since late 2016 like holy shit)
  20. So every now and then i come onto my computer and i go into the google search bar and type in "defy clan" and then once it all loads I click onto the forums and check out who's saying what and who's plus repping this and that, and who's dick is on the front page of suggestions but I feel like there needs to be an EASIER WAY to do all this. I dont like searching it up everytime and I know some of you are like," Hey dipshi, just bookmark the fucking website" which is a really good point that im probably gonna do now that i think of it, but dont you guys just wish we had an app. like that would be some pretty cool shit. ok im done here. bye love all you guys, except seven
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