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  1. Seven

    I Am Back

    Welcome back :p. You can only see your own post in the trash btw
  2. Seven

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

  3. Seven

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards Winners

    there i gave it to you
  4. Seven

    Relaxing music

    I listen to soft songs like riptide, chasing cars, fast car, and somewhere only we know.
  5. Seven

    What's your new years resolution?

    I might join you with that. Although arurf is out rn on the pbe
  6. Seven

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards Pt. 2

    Not even on retired admins after being an admin for a 10 months 😛
  7. Seven

    Who has the sexiest voice in DEFY?

    Has to be Neverdonk
  8. Seven

    Who else here plays instruments?

    I play guitar. I have an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar.
  9. Seven

    Favorite Artists/Songs?

    I love the cold song and careless
  10. Seven

    Favorite Artists/Songs?

    Neffex, the score, johnny cash, american authors,
  11. Seven

    CS:GO Alt Accounts

    Umm what if a member has a sibling? Will they both get banned automatically?
  12. Seven

    Favorite and least favorite state

    Are you fucking stupid. What the hell is a “Wyoming” could you please stop troll posting Favorite state: Flordia Least Favorite state: North Dakota “Like wtf do you even do there?”
  13. Seven

    Boycotting DEFYcraft

    Dark when you claim land on the server for your town cant you make it where no one can interact in it. Bc out of all the townys ive played in you were able to prevent being griefed by having a town

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