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  1. You've most likely heard of it but i listen to Nightcore occasionally usually as hype up music. From the bottom Hey Devil Blackout I just wanna run
  2. Gorilla and that soundboard tho
  3. Actually surprised that im on that list. Even throughout everything between us you still appreciate me?
  4. Seven


    Finally i can stop using #unbanNinja
  5. Yeah i agree with Princess luna wait no i mean WitchyLadyNurse Fuck messed up again... Foxtrot
  6. Oh fuck i missed Milo banning himself on murder
  7. Too many "Best Moments to name" Killing Emo Hoe's dog with a lava bucket in the OG DefyCraft. (Oct. or Nov. 2017) Helping Happy to get his mic to work on TeamSpeak (July 2017) The days when I and other members played PUBG (August to December 2017) Neverdone's Collection of me saying daddy clips ( The whole time i knew Never smh) There was once a glitch with the decoy grenade which broke the map (Around feb. to march 2018) Anytime me and the late night squad were on. ( All of 2017) That time pdizzle was shooting me in the back and i 180 one deag'd him (Dec. 22 2017) Being able to grab the elevator on Dolls or grabing the spinning fan (Nov. to End of Dec.) Getting WitchLadyNurse unbanned (dont remember when) also getting Pinkie Pie unbanned (Krim was a real jerk) Playing with DeadboltJr And many more
  8. Any editing programs you know i could use?
  9. So I play alot of league and have made some clips I dont know what editing software out there is good and bad. I currently use OBS to record all my clips but any help is appreciated
  10. 1. @XenoGenesis 2. @Never Done 3. @Ender Honorable Mention @Zarak(Them hacks tho)
  11. That one guy you find while playing games where you dont have to play the game to know whats happening because you can fucking hear it all through him. And then you yell im gay and it doesnt repeat through his mic ;-;
  12. Thats just a fact Over half the songs put on the radio nowadays is utter garbage League can be a very fun game Ninja’s appeal will never get an answer #[email protected] No man’s sky was the biggest gaming let down MMO player>Moba players>Fighting game players>TPS players>FPS players Fortnight is the most cancer a game can get
  13. Pokemon ruby red smash bros brawl The OG minecraft hungergames map Just starting up any wii Playing zombies on town in bo2 duck hunt halo reach and halo 3 ( i had atleast 200 hours on that desert map) that weird shrek party game for the xbox
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