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  1. I dont even play teemo..... dont open that yeah the screaming never changes huh
  2. Why can't you ever change. yes
  3. Bro honestly haven't played csgo in forever without leaving after one game. Idk bout joining. Fps games just aint my shit anymore. I just play league, minecraft, and any random little game i can find. but maybe i will if i feel like it
  4. So its been just a few days over 3 years now since I first joined Defy. I would like to say im still a member just very inactive. I care for everyone here and frequently spy on the forums a few times a month. Hows it been? Servers been poppin? Ima do a Ask Me Anything so yeah if you want updates bout anything. Also fuck you Never. Double also if no one responds I wont cry, i swear.
  5. i told you dm's dude wtf
  6. Ill join back if emo gets head again lmao
  7. Live Gameplay I forgot to post Also if anyone wants to see some of the amazing production Riot games puts out watch this Champion Trailer for Fiddlestick's Rework
  8. Hey yes im alive and no im not coming back (Sorry). I don't know how much anyone here follows Riot Games (Creator of LoL) but they have recently announced a number of new games that they had been currently working on (Link to Original Teaser). They had been making a number of new games for the past 5 years that they only just announced. They announced LoR (League's Hearthstone), Code-named Project L (LoL theme'd Fighting game), Code-named Project A( FPS Shooter Labeled to combat CSGO), and Project F (An RPG of the LoL world). Now i know most of people don't care about majority of the games but Project A should be something people here may want to look into. Recently announced to be released summer 2020 named Valorant, a game where CSGO and OW are combined. And to top it off they basically promised to fix every problem CSGO has every had "Here’s what we think it takes for you to trust a game enough to invest: 128-tick servers, at least 30 frames per second on most min-spec computers (even dating back a decade), 60 to 144+ FPS on modern gaming rigs, a global spread of datacenters aimed at <35ms for players in major cities around the world, a netcode we’ve been obsessing over for years, and a commitment to anti-cheat from day one. Shooting in VALORANT is precise, consequential, and highly-lethal - we want you to win on your skill and strategy alone." These are just the game release trailers and characters announced so far
  9. Welcome back @flacid shell but you’ll quickly notice almost every from back then has quit or plays very little
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEWIE Remember that AK skin i bought you 2 years ago lmao
  11. Seven


    Dukes in the service rn I think.
  12. Seven


    Hel lo A li ly. What Ha ppen ed to my fri end Nin ja?
  13. Seven


    Probably just a dream.
  14. Hello there people who have never met me before, I’m Seven. It’s kinda weird making one of this posts because I personally never thought I would want to go back to csgo. But here we are. Many people have begged me to return to defy over my long absence but I could never get that same feel for the game anymore. I went back to playing league (Ign 00Seven for anyone who wants to play. Also would link my discord but dont fully remember if it is allowed so just dm me if you want in.). Anyways I joined this community over 2 years ago and was an admin for basically the whole time I played on Defy’s servers. It had its ups and downs the way through where we had very little activity some weeks. Im not sure how much time Im willing to put back into this community but I am sure that Im willing to come back to this community maybe not as an admin idk yet. And apparently Im considered an OG so thats pretty lit. I’ll also answer any question anyone has about me in the comments. Have a nice day and lattaaa bishh. Found this old thing too lmao
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