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  1. Welcome back @flacid shell but you’ll quickly notice almost every from back then has quit or plays very little
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEWIE Remember that AK skin i bought you 2 years ago lmao
  3. Seven


    Dukes in the service rn I think.
  4. Seven


    Hel lo A li ly. What Ha ppen ed to my fri end Nin ja?
  5. Seven


    Probably just a dream.
  6. Hello there people who have never met me before, I’m Seven. It’s kinda weird making one of this posts because I personally never thought I would want to go back to csgo. But here we are. Many people have begged me to return to defy over my long absence but I could never get that same feel for the game anymore. I went back to playing league (Ign 00Seven for anyone who wants to play. Also would link my discord but dont fully remember if it is allowed so just dm me if you want in.). Anyways I joined this community over 2 years ago and was an admin for basically the whole time I played on Defy’s servers. It had its ups and downs the way through where we had very little activity some weeks. Im not sure how much time Im willing to put back into this community but I am sure that Im willing to come back to this community maybe not as an admin idk yet. And apparently Im considered an OG so thats pretty lit. I’ll also answer any question anyone has about me in the comments. Have a nice day and lattaaa bishh. Found this old thing too lmao
  7. man that must suck because i got unbanned 5 minutes later LMAO @Coach Krim https://gyazo.com/8befd70a0a85f35833636431321ec4bd
  8. I wonder how many people know who I was and still know today? 

    1. PotatoStyle
    2. Hexaquan


      ill never forget

    3. Zach


      Me too Seven, me too...


  9. Seven


    Very hard question for me. Ive been to over 60% of the states so ive seen alot. Yellowstone park is a must see with all the geysers. Hawaii is also a work of something. And i also really love my state, Florida, dye to the vast beaches, Springs, and fishing spots
  10. Hey zach its been quite the while hasn't it? I hope your school and work is doing fine. I'll always remember those late late night times.
  11. 1. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Skukufuku wo! 2. No game No life 3. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 4. Akame ga Kill 5. Kill la Kill 6. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 7. Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai 8. Noragami 9. One Punch Man 10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  12. Seven

    Forum Changes

    Ahhh i must of miss read something somewhere. So what i thought you were trying to say at first is that all suggestions would now be in general discussion(Because thats where all the current old suggestions seemed to be placed). So now if the clubs are for suggestions then thats fine it wont be overflown with post but where would forum based suggestions go? If they go in general discussion imo they will be lost in a very short time spam due to the number of posts being made in there. If putting suggestions in every club was the idea then it's better than what I originally thought but still not better than a one suggestion area for anything. Just add a drop down to select which it is for discord, forums, csgo, etc. that would be the ideal in my mind
  13. Seven

    Forum Changes

    I really do not like this new updates to the forums the clubs one sure thats fine but i really liked how everything was in categories but i could live without that. What really is bad is the remove of suggestions, it was easy for me to depict the suggestions vs other posts. Also with everything in one place you have to scroll way down for any suggestion that you are looking for. Things like that just make it too compact and i feel it will be harder for people to find others posts. I don't know what was wrong if the old system we had setup because it worked fine in my eyes. Half of these changes are quite good and some are just removing a good feature to make it more compact. If it ain't broke don't change it imo. If anything at all just revert your changes to the suggestions and i think this update is pretty okay.
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