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  1. Seven

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    he is perma banned just not community banned like some other people who havent even been banned more than twice Cough #[email protected]
  2. Seven

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    Killing Emo Hoe's dog with a lava bucket in the OG DefyCraft. Helping Happy to get his mic to work on TeamSpeak The days when I and other members played PUBG Neverdone's Collection of me saying daddy clips There was once a glitch with the decoy grenade which broke the map Anytime me and the late night squad were on. That time pdizzle was shooting me in the back and i 180 one deag'd him Being able to grab the elevator on Dolls or grabing the spinning fan
  3. Seven

    Highest kill T round?

    I once got a backstab only ace of about 14 people
  4. I dont own enough skins
  5. #Free@Ninja 

    Im continuing this until Ninja gets a response. Day 2

    1. num3rical
    2. Seven


      Ninja, He was an old admin unrightfully community banned. 


  6. Seven

    Creative Cooking

    Kielbasa sausage. All you do with it it cut it into slices and pan fry it. Then you just add it into rice. Any rice really; spanish yellow rice, dirty rice, jamacian rice etc. and after all of that you could add some veggies into it like peas or cut up broccoli take hotdogs, slice them then take bush’s spicy baked beans and bush’s onion baked beans. Cook it until everytime is warm and done. Buy a block or shredded cheese, english muffins, pepperoni, and pizza sauce. Cut the muffins in half and make tiny pizzas with them then put it in your oven around 425 for about 10 mins or until the cheese looks fully melted and cooked. Enjoy If you want more ask me i cant think rn.
  7. Seven

    To all league players.

    Ehh I play league with a couple of friends. I dont want your coaching or anything but if you would like to play some games I wouldn’t be opposed in doing so. NA servers IGN: 00Seven
  8. Seven

    Happy's Schedule

    Im doing pretty ok
  9. Seven

    Leaving DEFY

  10. Seven

    Im Back

  11. Seven

    Happy's Schedule

    OMG HAPPPY I MISSED YOU SO MUCH. How are you my dude.
  12. Seven


    Welcome back sens.
  13. Seven

    well here we are again

    Welcome back krit
  14. So its been just about 8 months since i last was part of the staff team and when i would regularly play csgo. I quit the game due to uninterest but I want to try to have fun playing the game again. I dont really know much of anyone here anymore but I would like to meet everyone who is new. I just dont know if its good to even come back.

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