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  1. daddynoscope

    Kiss, Marry, Kill DEFY Edition

    kiss @dre marry @PotatoStyle kill @Bowie
  2. daddynoscope

    the day i dipped

    dang bro, too soon but everybody got their own things to do man. Wish you all the best son, you're the best son any father could ask for.
  3. daddynoscope

    Your Favorite Class You've Ever Taken?

    imma be honest with you chief, senior exemption, you go home, wank off (obviously not in November) but it's lit when you get to leave early and see those plebs watch you leave with your lambo.
  4. daddynoscope

    Aye ya'll lemme get an opinion

    Aye what do ya'll think about these shoes i told my boy that it looked kinda gay and I affirmed that I wouldn't hang out with him anymore. He bought them anyways...
  5. I can play the harmonica and a kazoo pretty good. I can also play cs pretty well, my instruments are my mouse and keyboard.
  6. daddynoscope

    This Topic is hella serious, no clickbait!

    stop replying to my posts please. you don't have permission. ^^^
  7. daddynoscope

    This Topic is hella serious, no clickbait!

    Update: plan going as expected, the nobodies are not liking the post while the higher-ups are liking it ez rank up.
  8. daddynoscope

    Father Figure

    See you on the forums.
  9. daddynoscope

    This Topic is hella serious, no clickbait!

    SMH a regular out here trying to put down the real issue of my topic, get outta here you normie.
  10. daddynoscope

    Father Figure

    I was going through the discord of the DEFY clan, the clan in which I'm willing to put my life on the line for. Honestly the best clan on the market, honestly it's so good it should be ILLEGAL. Anyways beside the point, I just wanted to bring up a big issue I continue to see within our discord servers is that people seem to be lacking a father figure while they're active in TTT, Jailbreak or those fun events. i just wanted to say that if you're in need of a father figure, hit up this guy named @daddynoscope, he's a pretty cool guy who deserves this recognition that he gets. Honestly, this guy is really inspirational to the point that I'm willing to give him my kidney, which is really expensive tbh. Sorry just wanted to get this out of my chest idk tho.
  11. I've been a member of this beloved clan for about a year or so now, and I think I should definitely become a veteran member. I've put so much work into this community and I want to see some form of repayment. First, I'd like the think @daddynoscope for helping me out throughout my journey here, teaching me the in's and out's of TTT and Jailbreak. He's been such an inspiration to me and I feel that he definitely deserves a promotion or even become an admin! Thank you guys for hearing me out! Also, I don't want to call people out but @Trace has been in DEFY for lesser time than me and he's a veteran member, I just wanna be cool too!
  12. daddynoscope

    I made it

    ez carry
  13. daddynoscope

    Hye guyts

    Hello! my name is DaddyNoscope. I am new to Defy clan servers, I like defy clan servers very much. I aspire to become a member of the community one day. Hrere are some fast fax aboot me- - Pc Specs= Better than yours - I am a sixteen year old gamer grill - I am a member of defy clan server establishment - my grammer is no bueno, you can ask never done for theat - I one day enspire to become a Junior moderater when i grow up. - I am a csgo trader, very experienced, if you need price checks hmu - I like women and especially men - I one day enspire to become a Junior moderater when i grow up. - my grammer is no bueno, you can ask never done for theat - Idk why i repeated myself - if your still reading this, starting now. - i'm your daddy from now on. - best wishes, DaddyNoscope

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