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  1. GamingByTheMinute

    I'm Coming Back :D

    I heard about CSGO Being free and i decided to come back. You can find me on steam with this URL : https://steamcommunity.com/id/gamingbytheminute/ If you wanna add me
  2. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    Sup, Seven. I can’t even afford cheat atm. The only thing I got for my bday was a phone case ;/.
  3. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    It could be my bday present ;). Then I would come back. As long as I can. Considering my ip Is probably banned on the servers
  4. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    read the replies above and you'll know why i cant
  5. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    yeah, dont worry, i wasnt the only person on defy that cheated, zarakattack cheated and i think a couple other people cheated as well. lol.
  6. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    sucks im not coming back anytime soon. I decided to be a retard and got all 3 of my csgo accounts banned about 8-9 months ago so, i dont think im gonna be coming back. ;/
  7. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    Hey guys. GamingByTheMinute/Jewie2k here. Its been a long time. How's everyone been? OH and happy bday to meee lol
  8. GamingByTheMinute

    Name Change

    I would like to change my name to GamingByTheMinute. Reason? Because. I want a chicken sandwich to fuck my ass
  9. GamingByTheMinute

    DEFYclan Community Event - Brawlhalla

    wow. only took you guys 5 months to do this.
  10. GamingByTheMinute

    Should I Come Back?

    Who the fuck voted for Suck a dick and die. :'(
  11. GamingByTheMinute

    Should I Come Back?

    Lets see who says yes
  12. GamingByTheMinute

    Fragfest 1 - Results

    @Ender of course you won.
  13. GamingByTheMinute


    Fucking weeeeeeeb
  14. GamingByTheMinute


    You disgust me. You'll pay for this!
  15. GamingByTheMinute


    Do you even English.

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