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  1. GamingByTheMinute

    I'm Coming Back :D

    I heard about CSGO Being free and i decided to come back. You can find me on steam with this URL : https://steamcommunity.com/id/gamingbytheminute/ If you wanna add me
  2. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    Hey guys. GamingByTheMinute/Jewie2k here. Its been a long time. How's everyone been? OH and happy bday to meee lol
  3. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    Sup, Seven. I can’t even afford cheat atm. The only thing I got for my bday was a phone case ;/.
  4. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    It could be my bday present ;). Then I would come back. As long as I can. Considering my ip Is probably banned on the servers
  5. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    read the replies above and you'll know why i cant
  6. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    yeah, dont worry, i wasnt the only person on defy that cheated, zarakattack cheated and i think a couple other people cheated as well. lol.
  7. GamingByTheMinute

    It been awhile

    sucks im not coming back anytime soon. I decided to be a retard and got all 3 of my csgo accounts banned about 8-9 months ago so, i dont think im gonna be coming back. ;/
  8. GamingByTheMinute

    Name Change

    I would like to change my name to GamingByTheMinute. Reason? Because. I want a chicken sandwich to fuck my ass
  9. GamingByTheMinute

    DEFYclan Community Event - Brawlhalla

    wow. only took you guys 5 months to do this.
  10. GamingByTheMinute

    Should I Come Back?

    Lets see who says yes
  11. GamingByTheMinute

    Should I Come Back?

    Who the fuck voted for Suck a dick and die. :'(
  12. GamingByTheMinute

    Fragfest 1 - Results

    @Ender of course you won.
  13. GamingByTheMinute


    Fucking weeeeeeeb
  14. GamingByTheMinute


    You disgust me. You'll pay for this!
  15. GamingByTheMinute


    Do you even English.
  16. GamingByTheMinute


    I'm not coming back yet. #Pranked
  17. GamingByTheMinute


    i had to. lol
  18. GamingByTheMinute

    Gaming Set-ups & Fish Naming Contest

    I'm Also Left Handed but for some reason i play right handed. I should get a setup for a left hander and try it out lol How are you able to play like that? I'm Left handed but i play right handed. ;/
  19. GamingByTheMinute


    Too bad I stopped playing on the servers, I'll have to come back in about 6 months, or when I decide to come back. ( Cause I dont know if im a retired admin or not. Even though i got a active week after i said i was retiring) lol.
  20. GamingByTheMinute

    Servers Broken.

    The TTT server and probably all the defy servers are stuck in Casual. Youre able to vote kick people and the time limit is only 3 minutes. @Mark
  21. GamingByTheMinute

    Happy Birthday Emo

    Happy Birthday fuck boi
  22. GamingByTheMinute

    Comp Team?

    Silver Squad Gold Nova Gang Master Guardian Mafia ect.
  23. GamingByTheMinute

    hey fellas

    you fucking better
  24. GamingByTheMinute

    Comp Team?

    It be cool. But i suck so. I would be able to join a good team
  25. GamingByTheMinute

    When your team sucks

    https://ibb.co/mhN0hG Image Above xD

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