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  1. so i've been on defy for a long ass time and i'm getting sleepier as time goes on tbh. yeah so anyway i've been here for a while and like my time was full of good ass memories, good friends, banning idiots, and all in all a wonderful time i'd like to thank my fav cuties @Puncake, @Foxtrot, @Niall_Ferguson , and @Assassin for those amazing late nights on discord discovering what part of the US has no trees, my favorite new admin @Josh because i knew u were gonna be a great admin since i first met you (you're nice as hell never change dad), my favorite admins @PotatoStyle, @pr0fs, @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle @Bowie [email protected] for being some of the best individuals i've ever had to work on a group project on, and u guys are actually amazing, i hope you guys stay awesome. thanks to my two favorite dummyheads @Dark and @Connor, you guys dont really like each other anymore but you keep the servers interesting, even though you're both dummyheads. thank you to big daddy @Mark for giving me a shot at being admin, and for being the father figure defee will always need, and thanks for that amazing song . thank you to all the nsNerds who joined, @Hank_Hell, @spicyravioli, @Ch1man, @Fsjal, you guys are the truth ❤️ . @MaineCoon, @daddynoscope, @Stevey Snowball, @Tiger, yall bout cute as hell. here's where my obligatory @Never Done mention goes bc i'd smash, and @Trace i miss u so much ;(((. thats all though, thank you guys for (almost) 2 years of fun, and maybe i'll catch you around one day. if anyone ever needs anything DM me on instagram and i'll be there. love you, byeee~
  2. dre

    My (Not Great) Attempt at Video Editing

    this was actually really great, best thing to come out of ttt since reporting became the wave
  3. dre

    Improvements to Discord commands

    i would love to see a more interactive version of the server commands, and i think it should be given a shot. may defybot be with us all soon.
  4. dre

    Leaving DEFY

    @Traceplz not like this i miss you so much already plz comr back im sorry i missed ur call i love you and i miss u hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn im gonna miss u a lot, don’t hesitate to hmu for anything :((
  5. dre

    liv's intro

  6. dre

    liv's intro

    hi liv, nice to meet uuu
  7. i need some company

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Trace


      @num3rical get me some mcnuggets while you're at it

    3. num3rical


      ok what sauce I bring

    4. Trace



  8. dre

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

    this, that,this one, and finally
  9. dre

    Show Active Voice Users

    this command is on jailbreak, and i think it would be pretty cool on ttt
  10. um me @Niall_Ferguson @PotatoStyle when he’s on his phone @Never Done @Foxtrot @Puncake @spaghetto and uhh @Ninja
  11. dre

    free the meme

    i think he’s been gone for a while and he should become a ttt slave, free zarak.
  12. dre

    Kiss, Marry, Kill DEFY Edition

    kiss @PotatoStyle marry @Never Done kill @Dark

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