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  1. i've rode a ninja before, i loved every second. sadly, i drive a car.
  2. hey defyclan! didja miss me? i'm coming back for regular activity now that college has literally thrown my whole semester in the trash. hope u guys have been well, and see u around the servers
  3. he pulled a hoodini
  4. dre


    actually #freezarak he's kinda cool now :((
  5. Ha i survived the purge

  6. so i've been on defy for a long ass time and i'm getting sleepier as time goes on tbh. yeah so anyway i've been here for a while and like my time was full of good ass memories, good friends, banning idiots, and all in all a wonderful time i'd like to thank my fav cuties @Puncake, @Foxtrot, @Niall_Ferguson , and @Assassin for those amazing late nights on discord discovering what part of the US has no trees, my favorite new admin @Josh because i knew u were gonna be a great admin since i first met you (you're nice as hell never change dad), my favorite admins @PotatoStyle, @pr0fs, @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle @Bowie [email protected] for being some of the best individuals i've ever had to work on a group project on, and u guys are actually amazing, i hope you guys stay awesome. thanks to my two favorite dummyheads @Dark and @Connor, you guys dont really like each other anymore but you keep the servers interesting, even though you're both dummyheads. thank you to big daddy @Mark for giving me a shot at being admin, and for being the father figure defee will always need, and thanks for that amazing song . thank you to all the nsNerds who joined, @Hank_Hell, @spicyravioli, @Ch1man, @Fsjal, you guys are the truth ❤️ . @MaineCoon, @daddynoscope, @Stevey Snowball, @Tiger, yall bout cute as hell. here's where my obligatory @Never Done mention goes bc i'd smash, and @Trace i miss u so much ;(((. thats all though, thank you guys for (almost) 2 years of fun, and maybe i'll catch you around one day. if anyone ever needs anything DM me on instagram and i'll be there. love you, byeee~
  7. this was actually really great, best thing to come out of ttt since reporting became the wave
  8. i would love to see a more interactive version of the server commands, and i think it should be given a shot. may defybot be with us all soon.
  9. dre

    Leaving DEFY

    @Traceplz not like this i miss you so much already plz comr back im sorry i missed ur call i love you and i miss u hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn im gonna miss u a lot, don’t hesitate to hmu for anything :((
  10. i need some company

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    2. Trace


      @num3rical get me some mcnuggets while you're at it

    3. num3rical


      ok what sauce I bring

    4. Trace
  11. this, that,this one, and finally
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