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  1. i need some company

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Trace


      @num3rical get me some mcnuggets while you're at it

    3. num3rical


      ok what sauce I bring

    4. Trace
  2. dre

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

    this, that,this one, and finally
  3. dre

    Show Active Voice Users

    this command is on jailbreak, and i think it would be pretty cool on ttt
  4. um me @Niall_Ferguson @PotatoStyle when he’s on his phone @Never Done @Foxtrot @Puncake @spaghetto and uhh @Ninja
  5. dre

    free the meme

    i think he’s been gone for a while and he should become a ttt slave, free zarak.
  6. dre

    Kiss, Marry, Kill DEFY Edition

    kiss @PotatoStyle marry @Never Done kill @Dark
  7. dre

    DEFY - My Thoughts

    bot admins are the solution
  8. dre

    xiv is dead

    did you mean to say DEFY | sharp ?
  9. dre

    DEFY Alignment Chart

    i hate how low quality this image is but i love how accurate it is social moral LOL
  10. dre

    Rate This Laptop

    thats more than enough to run cs and rainbow lol, you’ll be fine
  11. dre

    Rate This Laptop

    i think this laptop should be pretty good for most games you'll probably be playing based off your steam library. i think it'll be able to handle a lot of games nowaday rocking a coffee lake i7 and a 1060, but its probably heavy as hell and the battery prob wont be the best. if i had the money i'd definitely cop though, i think its pretty good.
  12. y'all already know the best ekko one-trick NA is playing this game. @Seven i'm gonna play more over winter break, u wanna make me the next T1?
  13. thx for the mentions! for me i like @Trace‘s, it reminds me a lot of lupin the 3rd for some reason.
  14. dre

    Inspirational quotes

    "Juice is temporary, sauce is forever. You buy you a Simply Lemonade, how long's that going to last in your fridge? Couple days, maybe? That's a juice. How long does BBQ sauce last in your fridge? A while. That's the sauce, man. It sticks around. It's thick, hard to move." - Best Buy employee explaining the difference between 'juice' and 'sauce' "dark shut the fuck up" - dre. "hey, you ever been admin abused before? wanna try it?" - dre. "night guys, love you. you're not gonna say it back? alright guess i will jump." - dre

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