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  1. This may seem a bit sudden to some of you, but I've come to the realization that doing this kind of thing just isn't for me anymore. I simply don't get the same kind of enjoyment that I used to from playing JB and clans in general. I also need to start putting more focus into activities that aren't related to playing video games. DEFY has been a fantastic clan to be in, one of the best out there, and before I leave, I'm just going to bring up some fellas that have made my stay more worthwhile. @Dark - Buddee. Good lad with great ideas to move this clan forward, if you can get past the sarcasm. Known this man for quite some time now. @Hank_Hell - Another buddee. Known for a while. Likes Norm MacDonald and Led Zeppelin. The ideal boyfriend for all you ladies out there. @Fsjal, @Gucci_Sam, @Garfield, @Bahpomet - Funniest group of islamists you'll ever meet. And apparently I'm related to Fsjal now, so that's good. @Ch1man - Dumb dumb that makes up for it by being a mathematician. Good lad. @Holikwakkemoli, @Humding3r, @Yellow, @SuperrMatt, @Kheddar, @Puncake , @Bert - Group of fun fellas, known them since that other clan. @Mark - Really a good leader, much better than some others I've experienced. Just maybe lighten the work load a little, hire some people to help your servers. There are those that can do it. @PotatoStyle - Fantastic lad who somehow remembered when I used to get on the servers a while ago and helped me through my entire admin process. @Trace - Marty Robbins enthusiast and assisted me in populating MG during my short-lived admin term for that server @Connor - Silly fella but kept servers populated, not bad to have around @Foxtrot, @Zach, @num3rical, @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle, @Bowie, @incite, @Josh, @Assassin, @Niall_Ferguson, @dre, @Blank @Stewie Griffin - Another bunch of good laddies who made the servers playable Farewell, and to anyone I may have offended by calling them "fucking ankle-biter" or telling them to "die, bitch" just know it was all fun and games. I hold no grudges or grievances toward any of you bastards.
  2. Yeah perhaps have some other folks help in running the MC server. Not everything has to be done by a single man. That way we can sell diamonds, gold, redstone, dark oak wood, lapis, feathers, iron, coal, obsidian, and other materials.
  3. Suit yourself but you're missing out, fella.
  4. Type a joke stat! I'll start. @Hank_Hell you'll get this one: Scientists have discovered that men and women crave different foods. Men generally tend to crave meat, while women generally tend to crave sweets. According to the scientists, this can be traced back to the cavemen times when men went out and hunted for meat while the women sat on their fat asses all day eating chocolates.
  5. What are some guilty pleasure songs you like? I quite enjoy Enya's "Anywhere Is." This song is the polar opposite of what I'd normally listen to. It brings me back to simpler days and reminds me of the time I spent living in the glorious fatherland (Germany)
  6. I drive a Honda Accord but want a fucking Ford Nucleon
  7. Hey shut up. @Hank_Hell is scum.
  8. Christ almighty... you say that like my life revolves around this shit. I play on these servers to have fun, that's the main reason and I never fucking talk politics, ask anyone here.
  9. Ok I get admin on one server just to try it out and that make me a cocksucker? What the fuck have you actually done to benefit the communities, both NsG and DEFY?
  10. I'M the narcissist? You're the one who makes shitty posts only YOU think are funny every waking moment just to get forum rep to fuel your ego.
  11. You're the one who pulls an autistic rage fit the one time I post a differing opinion.
  12. Seriously? I never fucking bring this shit up. I make one thread about this and you act like an asshole.
  13. What the fuck man? I said keep it civil. Come on we've been playing on these servers for two years. Let's not let this thread ruin our opinions of each other. No need to be an asshole. If you're against abortion, then that's fine by me alright.
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