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  1. Ay bro, I didn't know you much, but you always seemed like a chill guy to play with. Take care bro and good luck.
  2. giveaway a worm god AWP, p250 sand dune, and a default mp5 please.
  3. Gorilla


    In regards to right and left wing, I stand in the middle. I'm a little naive when it comes to politics, but can someone explain one thing to me. People are considered liberal, others conservative which is confusing to me. Liberal means that these people want change, conservative the opposite. But how can people be liberal or conservative in every decision? Aren't we all both? To put this into simpler terms: Say Potato wanted to remove the jailbreak server because he hated it, he would be considered a liberal. In another instance, there was a vote to keep or remove the TTT server and Potato said he wanted to keep it, he would be considered conservative in this respect. Therefore, isn't he both a conservative and a liberal? So was makes me think low of other people, is when they hate on someone for being a die-hard liberal, or a die-hard conservative. But in reality, everyone has different opinions on different things, which makes them both conservative and liberal. Idk, im just a confused monkey
  4. yeah too long, i fell asleep can we get a new host
  5. you're too yung to undurstand stay in school and drink your pills cya around budi
  6. convince everyone to go to corner for candi, then kill
  7. until

    imma win so good at hide and seek that my dad still hasn't found me yet
  8. he doesn't need anymore food. his belly startin to show
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