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  1. convince everyone to go to corner for candi, then kill
  2. can we get a different host
  3. until

    imma win so good at hide and seek that my dad still hasn't found me yet
  4. he doesn't need anymore food. his belly startin to show
  5. Best: Dog Food Worst: Strawberry
  6. Hey ya'll its ur favorute neighboor hood Gorilla I am just heir to celebraite my 1st day on defy. i remembr when i first joind defy every1 was super nice and i meet good i made fwends: - pots - duns - emos - pdizzleos - trac - barney - elmo - thomas the tank engine - jimmy neutron - sid the science kid - chris hansen - grodon framsey - opra winfreedom - and maney more good peaople tank you for this day on defy
  7. One dark, and hazy night, an old woman decided it was a nice night to go on a walk in her local park. On the way to the park, she noticed a bush move while she was walking along the road. She thought it was just a squirrel or a little, harmless critter. So, she kept on her way to the park. Once she got to the park, she was greeted by an old man who blankly stared at her until she looked back and he was gone. The rest of the walk was peaceful without interruptions, so she happily started back to her house. On the way back to her house, she saw the same man who stared at her in the park, drive by her on the road. She saw that he was going towards the bridge, and then when the old man's car got on the bridge, he turned left and drove off the bridge. The old woman was frightened and ran to go see if the man was for some reason still alive. Once she got to the place where the car went off the bridge, she started to observe the bottom of the river ( where the car fell into ). As she was looking down, Shrek came behind this old woman, picked her up, and was about to throw her off the bridge. Suddenly, the old woman pulled out a Spas shotgun and blew Shrek's body to pieces. The old woman felt unsafe in her town, so once she got home, she got packed, got in her car, and drove to the airport. Once she got to the airport, she boarded a plane and began her flight. On the plane, she observed as a young boy threw out a quarter out the airplane window. The old woman asked why the boy had done this. The boy responded, "I did it for good luck". Later in the plane ride, the old woman noticed a Chinese man throw out a pair of chopsticks out the plane. Once again, the old woman asked the man why he had done this. The Chinese man responded, "I did it for good luck". About 10 minutes later, the old woman saw a terrorist throw a bomb out the plane window. She was surprised by this and asked the terrorist why he had done this. The terrorist as well responded, "I did it for good luck". After the flight, the old woman was walking along the street and came upon a boy crying. The old woman asked why the boy was crying. He responded, "A quarter fell out of the sky and knocked my mom unconscious". The old woman comforted the boy for a minute or two, then continued walking. Then, she came upon a man with a pair of chopsticks in his eyes. She asked the man why he had two chopsticks in his eyes. The man responded, "A pair of chopsticks fell out of the sky and got stuck in my eyes". The old woman helped the man pull the chopsticks out of his eyes, then continued walking. Finally, she came upon two boys laughing. She asked the boys why they were laughing. They responded, "Our grandma farted and it blew up the house". The old woman was weirded out by this and decided to just leave and get to her hotel. Once she arrived at her hotel, she settled down in her room's bed and went to sleep. Over the night, a tornado hit the hotel and the old woman died. The end
  8. Gorilla

    Hello there

    u r ok u r friend just dont be loud, because im usually trying to sleep
  9. goodbye, have a good life i think i played with you one time :)
  10. Favorite State = United States Least Favorite State(s) = Antartica and Africa
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