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  1. goodbye, have a good life i think i played with you one time :)
  2. Favorite State = United States Least Favorite State(s) = Antartica and Africa
  3. In-Game Name: Gorilla Age: 15 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:183825862 Discord Username?: Mat#5517 Why do you want to join DEFY?: Just Because Who invited you to DEFY?: Myself Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes Do you agree to wear the Defy tag at all times upon being accepted? Yes
  4. Fellow Defy Clan members, I would like to sincerely thank you for electing me as a possible new Admin. I am humbled by your confidence that I will be able to lead and represent you on the Defy government. I also want to express my gratitude to my campaign manager and to everyone else who played a part in this race. Additionally, I would like to thank the other candidates who ran for Admin. You all carried out fair campaigns that made for an exciting and competitive election. I was intrigued by many of your ideas and insights, and I hope that we are able to implement some of the excellent suggestions you all had. Next, I would like to congratulate my fellow elected officers. I look forward serving as your Admin while we work together as a team to represent this group of extraordinary and diverse Defy members. You all also had some excellent platforms as well, and I know we can affect a lot of change together. As your newly elected Admin, I promise to take into account each of your interests and your voices on the many issues we will face during the upcoming year, specifically the topics I addressed during my campaign. When I was first nominated for this position, I polled a sampling of the Defy body to find out what it was that you wanted to see happen over the coming school year. While a few of the things you mentioned (like less Admin abuse and the implementation of new, and better maps) were just a tad bit outside of my control, you had some great ideas, and I listened to them. It was on those suggestions that I built my campaign. Now that you have chosen me as your Admin, I am ready to deliver on those promises I made to you. My first step will be to approach the administration about allowing a Defy representative to sit in on staff meetings. We will discuss the validity of this idea, talk about who that member or members should be, and hopefully set some parameters to make it happen. I feel this will be a valuable tool to help facilitate communication between the members and the staff and to give the members a voice in decisions that are made at the school. I will also begin to look for sources for the ping pong tables you all wanted to see outside our headquarters. Once I’ve tied down some distributors and costs, I’ll approach the administration with a proposal to purchase these and create an al fresco dining area to give us the option of getting out and getting some fresh air during the school day. We’ll talk about some fundraising options and other things we can do to help pay for this minor renovation. These two changes give me a good place to start, but it doesn’t end there. I want to continue hearing your ideas, getting your feedback, and finding out more ways I and your new member council can better serve you. To that end, we’ll be placing a suggestion box in the Defy Discord. Feel free to let us know what you’re thinking. You can either include your name, for follow-up purposes, or remain anonymous. We promise to give each comment the consideration it deserves. It’s not about what we can do on our own; it’s about representing you to the best of our abilities. Please help us do that. Together we can make this school an even better place to learn. Thank you again for your support. Sincerely, Mat
  5. Gorilla

    $100 Giveaway

    I'm the opposite of lucky, so no thanks.
  6. Gorilla

    I'm Fucking Insane

    You didn't have my consent to post this, I'm pressing charges.
  7. Gorillas are the largest primates(we humans are the second largest). Despite that huge size with the average weight being 150kg’s(330 lbs), they oddly have the smallest penis among us primates which is around 4 cm. Even Chimpanzee which has a smaller frame with 45 KG(99 lbs) has penis twice that long.
  8. Hello, My name is Gorilla, or Mat and I play video games. Here's some pretty good facts about me: - I am 14 years old - I live in a house - I eat food - I sleep in a box - I think I am adopted, but my parents say I'm not. - I go to school unfortunately - I watch youtube - I can write pretty good, but only if I feel like it. - I play CS:GO ( Fun fact: When I first heard of CS:GO, I thought it was a racing game :] ) - I am in some nerdy clan called " Defyclan " - I'm writing this list because I have nothing better to do. - I know what 1 + 1 equals - Sometimes I look up to see what's above me. - One time I taped a water bottle to my room's ceiling just for fun. - I like movies that are based on true events. - I don't own a gun, because my parents said my autistic brother might get a hold of it and go crazy. Yikers - I have 2 brothers medically diagnosed with autism. ( One mild, other full on ) - I like to run - I've won a 5k before - I listen to music - I have a computer - I have a phone - My full name is Mathew Ford Wilhoit - Here's my SSN below: Ya yeet :] - I hate drama - I hate football - I am in 9th grade - I am not autistic - I am smarter than you - I am short lol ( I am 5'4 ) - When I was at the doctor last week, the woman who measured me asked me if I was Sexually Active. I will not disclose my answer to the public at this time. :] - My autistic brother spent 4$ in a gas station bathroom on condoms thinking they were just balloon things that went on your fingers. - When I was 3 years old, I woke up one morning thinking my life had just begun. - My mom thinks I shouldn't be online too much. - My dad wasted 200$ on a guitar he doesn't use. - I'm currently listening to " Take On Me " by a-ha - After I finish this list, I'm going to play CS:GO :] - I'm pretty good - I have a mouse - I have a keyboard - I was going to go to wrestling today, but it got cancelled. - NeverDone's name means he's never done a girl before. hehe what a virgin - These facts about me will benefit you. - The amount, of, com,mas in, thi,s senten,ce equal,s my amou,nt of chromosom,es. - I'm the goat - I live the EST timezone - I live in South Carolina - I've been best friends with my best friend since I was 1 year old. aint that pretty good Ight, im done. Peace out my nig.... ya yeet. see ya nerds.
  9. In-Game Name: Gorilla Age: 14 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:183825862 Have you read our server rules? Yes Do you have Teamspeak 3?: No Why do you want to join DEFY?: Because I've been playing on Defy servers for about 3 months, and I want to get more involved with the community. Who invited you to DEFY?: No one did.
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