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  1. Trace

    Minigames Music

    Maybe not in recent days, but I have personally have seen multiple players disconnect from server stating that the music was loud/bad. @Ender's suggestion is a great idea, we can just have a pop-up giving the option to turn down or turn off the music.
  2. Trace

    Minigames Music

    Does your back seat of your car make people get out of your car? The music sometimes deflects people from the server, and doesn't help in really any way.
  3. Trace

    Minigames Music

    The Minigames music is, in my opinion, useless and unnecessary. I understand that you can turn it off, and I and the majority of the members who play MG have it turned off but, I used to see and still sometimes see randoms join, stay for a few minutes then say "This music is earape" and leave before I can tell them how to turn it off. If it would be to much of a hassle to get rid of the plugin, don't worry about it, but I think this would be one small step closer to making MG better.
  4. Trace

    Tell me a fucking joke

    Dads are like boomerangs, at least I hope so.
  5. Trace


    I've seen you around the servers often even though I'm not on a lot, so it was about time before you became a member. I am also very happy that you're here, welcome to DEFY.
  6. Trace

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

    For sure this song Bruno is kinda basic, but has a superb voice, Gucci is one of the very few rap artists I enjoy, Kodak is the only bad thing about this song. He looks like a overweight midget that took a sharpie to his face.
  7. Trace

    Defy Without Context.

    Thank God I'm not in those late night games, I don't want to meet the "Your granny is a tranny" side of Josh.
  8. I drive a 2012 Toyota Sienna Minivan, and my dream car is a 2013 Toyota Sienna slightly better Minivan.
  9. Trace

    I Am Back

    I remember seeing you on the servers back in late 2017, glad to see you've come back.
  10. Trace

    Have you completed 100 traps?

    I made a new record last night at 36, but no, not even close.
  11. Trace

    LOA - Kms.

    I don't know how the server will function without our head senior trial user, but stay safe on the road.
  12. Trace

    Ascents introduction

    Nice to meet you ascent, I don't play the servers much, but I see you on almost every time I get on. I'm sure everyone is glad to have another active, dedicated player.
  13. Trace

    YeetMy Intro

    Tampa is one my favorite places to vist, hopefully I can stop by there soon. Anyway, welcome to clan, Stan.
  14. The First Annual DEFY Awards has come to a close. Here are the winners. Most Improved Admin Mark: 8% of the vote, 2 members *Winner* Potatostyle: 48% of the vote, 13 members Pr0fs: 44% of the vote, 11 members Best TTT Admin Pr0fs: 28% of the vote, 7 members *Winner* Niall Furguson 32% of the vote, 8 members Josh: 28% of the vote, 7 members Best Jailbreak Admin pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle: 20% of the vote, 5 members spicyravioli: 24% of the vote, 6 members *Winner* Foxtrot: 42.31% of the vote, 11 members Best Retired Admin Magma: 11.54% of the vote, 3 members Trace: 26.92 of the vote, 7 members *Winner* Dre: 34.62% of the vote, 9 members Best Cameo what happened here Xenogenesis: 26.92% of the vote, 7 members Stevey Snowball: 11.54% of the vote, 3 members *Winner* Stewie Griffin: 46.15% of the vote, 13 members ?????? Best Forum User *Winner* Dark: 26.92% of the vote, 7 members spicyravioli: 23.08% of the vote, 6 members Hank Hell: 15.38% of the vote, 5 members Most votes on one award: PotatoStyle and Stewie Griffin Most votes overall: Pr0fs Most nominations: Pr0fs Well this was a blast, congrats to all the winners, I don't have any awards, or the spirt in me to ship to other countries. Thanks to everyone who voted, all 28 members.
  15. Trace

    Staff Interest Form Inquiry - Guardixn

    It says "If any" it's not a required thing, you can just skip it if you wish.

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