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  1. Trace

    obamagon (and i'm going w/ him)

    Damn, sad to see you go man. I mean, who are we going to lose next? Potato? Hoodini? MARK? 2019 is not serving DEFY well, at least we have a strong player base to back it up.
  2. Trace

    Leaving DEFY

    I won't make as many stops as I would like since I'll just say "I'll do it tomorrow, I'm having fun why stop?". You guys are a blast to play with, but I need to focus on education, family and friends that need me.
  3. Trace

    Leaving DEFY

    I wish I could stay too, but I need to get a lot of stuff together and end this school year on a good note. Maybe if I can get all my ducks in a row I can come back this summer, I just hope you're still here when I do.
  4. Trace

    Leaving DEFY

    As my cousin you should know better
  5. Trace

    Leaving DEFY

    I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I just don't enjoy CS as much as I did in the past. I still love making posts on the forums, chatting in the discord, but I really should do something better with my free time. I may game every now and then, but for the most part I'm going to stop. I'll start using the forums less and less, but I'll drop by once and a while. I do want to give some shoutouts to some awesome people though. @PotatoStyle: One of the most genuine, relaxed, and overall great guys I've had the pleasure of playing with on DEFY. If you haven't got to know him yet, I recommend you do. @Felix: You may be new(ish) to the server, but you're really fun to play with that Morgan Freeman voice of yours, wouldn't be shocked to see you become a high ranked admin one day. @dre: Was really nice to me when I came back, he was kinda the reason I stayed on DEFY. come back as admin. @Seven: You were the only person on when I came back, if you hadn't of been on that one day I would've uninstalled CSGO again and never have come back. @pr0fs: You populated TTT more times than I can count, thanks for all your hard work you put into the clan. @Josh: Holy shit are you dedicated to TTT. Like 150 hours in such a short span, like Felix I wouldn't be surprised to see you be high ranked in the future. @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle @Foxtrot @num3rical @thejbfreaks: You guys are the heart and soul of the JB server, without you guys it would almost never be active. @Mark: Without you I wouldn't of had all these great times on DEFY, thanks for every little update, thanks for being patient with our whining, thanks for everything. @Assassin: Has a bigger dick than Cardi B. @Niall_Ferguson: You don't have to worry anymore, I can't dox you. But thanks for staying up late and keeping "peace" on TTT. @Bowie: I hope you get your PC working bud, you're like the Josh of JB. @spicyravioli @Dark @Hank_Hell: You guys make me cry laughing, I know Spicy has passed on, but you guys made me laugh every time you were on the server. @Connor: You may be the most misunderstood person here, give it a while and you'll be one of the most funny people here. @Fsjal @Garfield: I know you guys hate each other, but I hope you make ends meet. @Blank: Best E-girl on DEFY. @Fedora_Lord: You were quite the funny lad M'lady. I hope this doesn't come out as rude, I really love you guys and have had the best times, I just need to move on. Who knows, I may come back this summer. No one knows what the future holds.
  6. Trace

    I would like to make my account special

    It's better than being inno, if you got that power everyone else would want as well. Also, it may not be possible to do.
  7. Trace

    kos over un-id

    I think the rule should state if you see someone actively walk over the body, then they can call a KOS, but if the body is in the vicinity of them and the person may not have seen it, they can call a high sus.
  8. Trace

    Happy's Schedule

    I think everyone understands, not everyone can play CS everyday. I wish you luck with your family, glad to have you back.
  9. Trace

    Creative Cooking

    My daily meals are rather bland. In the morning it a protein bar or some eggs, at lunch it's something simple like a salad, then at dinner it's some reheated mystery box from my parents restaurant. I want to enhance my skills at cooking, which at the moment consists of rice, fish and oddly enough White Chicken Chili (It's a football favorite in my house). It would be great if you left some tips down below on food you like to cook, I don't care if it's the most unhealthy shit ever, to quote my sister "You need to put some meat on your bones".
  10. Trace

    Im Back

    Welcome back! You were one of my favorite admins before you left, happy to have you back.
  11. I think you're a good person, just you did A LOT of things to make us think otherwise. It's a good thing to mature up and to try to be a better person, I hope we can get along from here on out.
  12. Trace

    Good cs skins

    Ak-47 Point Disarray
  13. Trace

    Thinking about something

    Don't come back if you won't enjoy it. We would love for you to come back at any time, but only if it's good for you. The servers are quite different, TTT has a lot more people with what people call "toxicity" but it's just how you look at it. JB sometimes gets populated by @num3rical or @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle and it's pretty fun to jump in every now and then. MG is paradise, it almost never gets populated, but when it does it's quite, relaxed and just fun to hang out in. People like @PotatoStyle, @Assassin, @Niall_Ferguson and @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle are really helping to bring it back to a state where it has people on almost every day.
  14. Trace

    daddy’s home

    He left us for something called "college". What a loser.
  15. Trace

    The origins of Defy names.

    My first username was 4tml which was my name shortened, then it was Tlocke which was my name shortened, then it was trace.locke which is my name not shortened, and finally it was Trace, which is my name shortened.

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