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  1. Copes

    Who has the sexiest voice in DEFY?

    All 4 are beautiful creatures.
  2. Copes

    Event Idea

    vertigo is the best map ever created
  3. Copes

    Game Ideas

    I don't know your knowledge of these engines, but if you're practicing and learning as you go I suggest something simple such as visual novels or basic point and click type games.
  4. Copes

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Jailbreak was Defy's prime.
  5. Copes

    Can’t wait for this movie.

    delete this
  6. Copes

    Which Company?

    IOS >
  7. Copes

    The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    You're fucked if you think i'm reading all of this.
  8. Copes


    What the fuck is "quiting"?
  9. Copes

    Oh my god, hes a squeaker!

    I have no problem with squeakers as long as they aren't obnoxious.
  10. Copes

    Google CSGO

    Google always tries to turn a profit. Bad example.
  11. Copes

    RIP Duke

    Hope you all die. Good luck have fun.
  12. Copes

    How to Not Get Karma Banned

    Or you could just play a gamemode that isn't garbage.
  13. Copes

    I got a 1080 Ti now

    970 is all a real nigga needs.

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