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  1. Stitch Has 38 Comm mute's. Bluezy has 19 comm mute's. The thing about comm mute's is that they literally do fuck all. "Ima mute you for saying the N word" I'll just be back tomorrow, and agian, and agian. There's no Punishment for it at all, thats why no-one is afraid to get muted, I got muted for 15 minute's,30,60. It just reset's the next fucking day anyway with no punishment. I'm using Stitch and Bluezy as Example's. Ton's of mutes but it literally doesn't mean anything. If the system for muting people/punishing people never get's fixed, the mic spam won't either. Kind of hard to threaten someone to stop mic spamming when there's basically no punishment and they've been through this multiple time's without giving a fuck. Flawed system that won't get fixed, so mic spam won't either until then.
  2. I'm going to have to agree with Hank on this one for the following reason's ill add onto this. 1. I'm the same way when detective, if possible i'll buy heavy and seeing how you move extremely slow i've told people to freeze and while im wanting to tase them, by the time i get to them to taze they proceed to move since it's 10 second's you have to stay frozen and considering i can't Kos, and i'm unlikely to catch them they proceed to get away, 5 second's would be extremely to short. 2. Also agree with Hank on the strat of trying to test who is T, People argue you're suppose to figure out who the T is through logical gameplay, and Not through the Taser method. However though, i tend to do the same thing telling someone to freeze, thinking of tasing them and switching to my pistol (to replicate the look a zues) in the chance to see if they will panic and start shooting if they're a T. This help's with delaying because i don't personally have to waste my taser if i end up dying and someone on the off chance may get it to further speed up the round by tasing a innocent/T. Honestly i do it fairly often but not all the time, there are time's i do have a Sus someone may be a T and i'll tell them to freeze with the intentionally to actually figure out if they're a T or not. Detective's don't really have a lot going for them if you honestly think about it, Sure they can see who killed who with what weapon/how long ago and you could Sus off of weapon on people in the area but it already happen's anyway when people hear gunshots/if someone drops the weapon at the crime scene someone see's who's name is on it and sus's them regardless off of wep/location. The only thing Detective's personally have to really give them a Edge(without buying DNA Scanner/anything from the shop) is zues tricking to really figure out who may or may not be a t. Since they're targetted pretty heavy as is, since if they're last alive Inno's win, They die pretty fast(Even in heavy) Considering the 1 Hit Knife to combat that. Personally i think the rule shouldn't be changed and made a Violation as that just seem's silly to punish people for trying to speed up the round and trying to figure out who T's are by being a good Detective. Making this is a Violation is only going to give T's a bigger Advantage (Less people to be able to try to figure out if they're T or not with Zues tricking) This could lead to T's not being found out pretty fast/ rounds being delayed / Inno's not really getting a fighting chance (As they barely have one as is) Doesn't seem logical to implement this when it's not even a major concern.
  3. @Seven I'm bringing the OG's back. Now we just need to get duke.
  4. In-Game Name: Krim (MonkaS) Steam ID64 76561198299798358 Age: 21 Discord Username?: Remiboi(DND)#1095 Why do you want to join DEFY?: I was already a member, but my member rank got removed once the steam sign in hit and i got it removed, just applying to get my rank back for the forum's as ive been just a registered user now for awhile. How did you find our clan? Other What do you think we can improve on? Needing more staff for server's on more frequently What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Been here awhile, much hasn't changed Who invited you to DEFY?: Myself Would you like to change your username or keep it? Keep my username New Username Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
  5. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/103981834719524740/40157EB1E9D9CAE0644F7F89E7027F923E9AA20D/ Good old JB 2017 Crew ;-;
  6. Human Resources, Basically you was over all staff, did all staff time's had set times staff was suppose to be on, handled all staff report's etc etc, i was the one who trained Potato at the time he was my assistant. He's my bb ❤️
  7. As many have noticed i've been playing more recently, im coming back officially. Many have already recognized me and thats dope but for anyone unware, Im a Old HA from a couple year's back I took my leave in January of 2018, (was HA of HR at the time) Feels good to be back and to have my old account restored (Had it before steam verification was on a thing on here) Hope to see everyone agian from time to time.
  8. This is just a statement to kind of clarify why i have been away, As many have noticed. I've been working 12 hours 7 days a week as of right now, for the past two weeks. Hopefully i should be back by next Monday or at least a bit more active. I was supposedly suppose to be back this Monday but i didn't get time off like i was suppose to because of others not being there showing up etc. Hopefully i will see you all next Monday and not be called back into work for another week period. Hope that kind of clarify's for everyone why i have been inactive for about three week's now. All HR related stuff and my activity should pick up next week. I hope to see you all next week.
  9. Well, our Traitor tester's do work and i believe, we have people working on the TTT room's that dont work on maps Like. EX: Minecraft_city? The one with the lighthouse. Community Pool, and others have already been said they need fixed. Interesting idea though.
  10. Zarak has been notified of this. Moving this to chat.
  11. Not priority? TTT Maps=getting played 3-5 times in a session daily, that bore's players, players leave. Less people less activity, no activity no server. in our Training it literally says 'The most important thing to remember as a staff member is HOW IMPORTANT our players and members are. without our player's and members there is no server, without a server there is no need for staff'. Putting player base last is a huge mistake. it doesn't take long to add maps to a map pool, considering the map's are already there. Just seem's like laziness. The sooner the map's are replaced the more people we keep. The longer and you will have a dead server very fast.
  12. I must be in the wrong rank. i want that rank. bots_easiest_1
  13. I Did the vote but yee, anyways welcome back ;p
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