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    TTT Chat Limit

    The chat restriction where you can only talk for ten seconds is probably the worst idea I have ever heard. This is going to do WAY more harm than good, as no one will ever be able to get KOSes off. Generally when I'm with someone suspicious, I call sus on them and state my reason like the rules dictate I should if I want it to be a proper high sus. However, now if I am to do that, I get muted for however long, and when they actually try to kill me I can call out my KOS, because I'm now muted. Doesn't really seem fair that I'm being muted for calling high sus on someone. I don't know about you guys, but I font play TTT and be an active member of the community for the riveting gameplay experience, I play to actually talk to people and have fun with friends. I feel like I'm being forced to pick one or the other; talk with my friends, or actually be able to play the game and make call outs effectively. I don't even see the need for a feature like this. The majority of the time there are less than twenty people on, and the voice chat isn't bad at all. i still here callouts perfectly fine, and am able to talk to people easily. Sure it might slightly help once in a blue moon when we have like thirty people on, but that is the extreme minority of the time, and it is severely detracting from our experience almost all of the time. I see no need for this feature, it just seems like a plugin that there is no need for and no one actually wants (correct me if I'm wrong.) Not to mention how this will effect my abilities to be an effective admin. 100% of the time I play I am constantly explaining why people were slayed, explaining game mechanics, explaining rules, and helping out in many other ways. EVERY encounter like this requires more than just ten seconds of conversation. Especially when I am trying to talk to someone who I thought has broken a rule. I try my best to slay before the round starts, as slaying a detective or traitor detracts from everyone experience. How am I supposed to have that conversation with someone if I only have ten seconds to do so? It's absurd. Overall this feature is completely unnecessary and is only a nuisance to players, and especially to admins. Please comment your opinion so I can see where people stand on this, and if I'm the only one who sees it this way.
  2. Hoodini

    TTT Chat Limit

    I can see where your coming from, but I guess we both just disagree about why we play and if there is even a problem here to begin with. Others like Holik, MSWS, reDrocket, and Chauklet agree that in it's current state, it is more a nuisance than it is useful. There are just as many people who like it. I think we should come to a compromise. I think it would be a lot better if you made it so it i sless easy to trigger, like maybe 16 players. Also, as many people have stated, adding some kinda of visual aid (like in gmod TTT), so that we are able to manage how we are using the battery. Also possibly instead of giving us admins quicker battery regeneration, you could give us a longer lasting battery, like 15 seconds, as that would be much more useful. I think if some or all of those changes were made it would be a lot easy to deal with. Thanks for arguing with me, I'm very stubborn and it takes me a while to convince me.
  3. Hoodini

    TTT Chat Limit

    Just because they are the same engine, does not mean they are the same. I've spent nearly as much time playing GMOD TTT as I have on CSGO, I was admin on a popular GMOD TTT server longer than I have been on DEFY. Trust me, it is a much different experience. The entire feel of the game is different. For one the guns in GMOD suck complete ass, and having the reliable, more effective guns makes for a completely different experience. If you opened up a VR Chat server, this argument would make sense, but that's not the case. I literally said I came here for the community, and the people, so why would I leave DEFY servers to talk to people? Also you can't honestly tell me that as many people get on discord as they do the game servers. If the discord servers regularly averaged over ten people in one channel like the TTT server does, I'd be all for sitting in discord. The fact of the matter is, the TTT server is where the people are, so telling me to go somewhere else if I want to talk isn't really the best advice. That's fair, but it's not always that cut and dry. A lot of the time the issue effects multiple players, and it takes some time to figure out what's going on. I try not to slay unless I know what happened, and that usually involves talking more than one person. I see your reasoning here, but to me it just seems more trouble than it's worth. It's use is very situational, and I feel it will be a nuisance more often than a useful tool.
  4. Hoodini

    TTT Chat Limit

    The fact that I haven't played with it does not dismiss the validity of my argument, I don't really see the logic there. Sure, I didn't know that it only activates if there are twelve or more, but all of my arguments besides that are just as valid. Is there something else I got wrong? I feel like actually addressing my points is more effective than using ad hominem generalizations. About the GMOD point, we aren't on GMOD, we're on CSGO. The gamemode is similar, but there are many, many differences. I have played on countless other TTT servers and have not seen this feature once. Why do you think that is? Comparing these two games is comparing apples to oranges. I also am surprised that you would dismiss talking about non-game related chat as, "useless," as I had always thought of DEFY as a community, not a place where everyone stays silent unless they have to call something out. I could care less about hearing a call out, I suck at CSGO and could care less if someone doesn't hear my call out. At the end of the day, me and hopefully the majority of the community join to talk and interact with the members of the community, not solely to play TTT. I can also assure you that ten seconds is not enough time for admin encounters. I have been an admin on this server for about a year (give or take a couple of months of retirement or inactivity.) It sometimes takes THE ENTIRE ROUND to explain a rule and get a player to actually understand the issue and why it isn't allowed. Especially if we're dealing with a new player, who knows nothing. I also still don't see the problem to begin with. I very seldom have issues hearing callouts, in fact I don't feel like I ever miss them. If you are listening for them, you're going to hear them, having two other people talking isn't going to change that. Most of the time when KOS's are called people just forget or don't pay attention to then, even if everyone else is completely silent. In the end, I only play on this community because of the interactions I have with people, and if some of that is being sacrificed to make for slightly more efficient gameplay, I will be the first to denounce it.
  5. Hoodini

    TTT Rule Clarification

    I just wanted to make a post clarifying a rule that I see broken/abused a lot. The rule I'm talking about is in the definition for overtime: I often see players kill other players, seemingly for no reason, and then later say that they had high sus. You cannot do this. You need to say in chat that you have high sus AND your reasoning for that high sus. I also hear players KOSing people for high sus in overtime, which is a false KOS. A KOS is defined as: The only time you can KOS somebody for anything other than doing a traitorous act, is when you're using logic and you know with 100% certainty that it has to be them (for example if there are only three players left and one of them is a detective, the innocent can KOS the traitor, because they know it has to be them.)
  6. Hoodini

    TTT Rule Clarification

    No, you just need to say your reason. It sounds dumb but you can tell if someone is a t by their "body language." If someone is standing still aiming around, he's likely about to start shooting.
  7. Hoodini

    See ya

    my my
  8. 1224 on Terraria 1156 on GMOD 1054 on CSGO
  9. Hoodini

    what do yall drive

    2011 toyota camry
  10. Hoodini

    Dedicated Players

    Trace we love you too
  11. Hoodini


    Executive Admin
  12. Hoodini

    Who is Your Favorite Admin?

    Krim obviously
  13. Hoodini

    Minecraft Direction & Ideas

    No matter who made the recent changes, I still don't like them. And I would argue that PvP took more skill before, as players didn't have stop fight to wait for their attack cooldown or to wait for someone to put their shield down, it was constant action. It made PvP more fast-paced, make made you have to think on your feet. You couldn't just hide behind a shield when your health got low, you either had to retreat or pop a potion.
  14. Hoodini

    Minecraft Direction & Ideas

    I guess you’re right, it really just boils down to what people are looking for in a server. I’m definitely not the creative type so building has no appeal to be whatsoever. I like being able make an obsidian shack in the ground and dumping water and all over it. Although there is definitely an art an level of skill that goes into making a factions base, maximizing efficiency and minimizing space taken up. I also personally hate any feature added after 1.8, I think Microsoft ruined a perfect game. The whole pvp factions thing ran a lot smoother back in the day when I used to play, and I suppose if you’re dead set on going to 1.13.2 towny might be a little more appealing. I just know from my personal experience that I dislike the whole towny vibe, and probably won’t put many hours into the defy Minecraft server if it goes down the towny route. I’ll give it a try and see if it’s better than when I last tried it, but if I wanted to play Minecraft I feel like I’d have more fun hopping on factions server. And yeah no I’ve never heard of a server that never resets, I feel like a minimum of half yearly resets would be ideal. Again I’m not entirely sure how resets on towny servers go so maybe a year would work better, you might just have to go be feel once you get to the six month mark, and extend if you feel you can. Aaaaaalso I’ll have to check out the whole towny war thing, because I’ve never heard of that lol Edit: I also just realized that I mostly played on servers that had 10000-20000 block limits, so I think the resets should scale based on what you want to set the world limits to.
  15. Hoodini

    Minecraft Direction & Ideas

    Well if you don't ever raid on factions, you're playing it wrong
  16. Hoodini

    Minecraft Direction & Ideas

    The only concern I have with switching to towny is keeping a strong player base for a long period of time. My friends and I have spent thousands of hours in Minecraft, and played on both factions and towny servers. My experience with towny servers is having to live in someone else's town, only working with a small plot of land until I eventually make enough money to found a town. Then when I finally do make a town, I build and gather everything I need within a week and have nothing to do. The only thing that keeps players interested in towny is building pointless buildings that you'll never really use. Like what do you build after you already have a house and the necessary farms setup? That's why there are very very few successful towny servers. Factions, on the other hand, has hundreds of very successful servers, because they keep players interested. Once you build your base and have your gear, there is always another base to raid, or people to kill. The economy on factions servers is also far superior, as higher level gear and items are much more necessary to keep up with the people and factions you're fighting. I guess it all depends on what direction you want to take the server, but in my opinion, if you make it towny it will be dead within a month or two. I also think you should take a look at my post: http://defyclan.com/topic/3144-silk-touch-spawners/ In it, I explain why silk touch spawners aren't OP and are a good idea. Also, factions is supported for 1.13.2, I was playing on a 1.13.2 factions server yesterday and it worked just fine. And on the topic of resets, I think every 3 months sounds good, especially if you're going with towny, because forcing players to restart would keep players playing after they've gotten bored. Also please fix the lag. Glad you're open to suggestions
  17. Hoodini

    Silk Touch Spawners

    I think being able to silk touch spawners would be a great idea for the Minecraft server. If you do it right, it's not OP at all, and pretty much just adds a way to get XP in an efficient way that doesn't involve mining quartz over and over and over again. Why it's not OP: Most of these plugins come with the option to charge players to mine spawners. One server I played on charge an obscene amount of money to be able to place blaze spawners, so you really had to work up to it. They usually also make it so there's only like a 25% chance to actually get the spawner, making it a gamble every time you mine the spawner. These two things combined ensure that you don't have people just running around mining all the blaze spawners and getting OP fast. These servers that have this plugin aren't oversaturated with spawners, and it's still very difficult to actually obtain them. You're not just cheating in spawners, your adding a balanced way to mine an existing vanilla block. Pros: One of the biggest pros is efficiency. Let's be honest, the only way to get XP quickly is mining nether quartz. That gets boring REAL FAST. Setting up a spawner is a much better way to get XP efficiently while you're AFK. Also if there is going to be an economic system, which I assume there is because the /balance command is added, it adds a high tier goal that incentivizes earning money, and to keep playing after you already have full enchanted diamond. In vanilla Minecraft you get to a point, very quickly where you max out and can't progress any further, having a high-cost goal to achieve will keep a lot of players interested. There is a huge reason that faction and minigames servers FAR outlive just plain vanilla survival servers, and it's because players don't get bored after a week of playing. They all have "end game" content, and stuff to do after you've already mined a chest full of diamonds. The first night I played on the defy server I had two stacks of diamonds and full enchanted gear. What, besides building a house, am I supposed to work toward. Cons: The only con I can see is that it detracts from the "vanilla experience." However, I would argue that adding the /tpa and /home commands are far worst than silk touch spawners. Let's say you run into a player who's attacking you, BOOM instantly TP away. Or maybe that you fall into some lava while mining, BOOM you instantly TP back home. Really any other feature you could add to a multiplayer server could detract from the vanilla experience, and that's ok. It's a multiplayer server, adding features and quirks that make it unique and fun to play is how you get people to join, and most importantly, stay longer than a week. It's not OP, and doesn't really detract from the "vanilla experience" any more than other features that have already been added, and it adds much-needed incentives for long-term play. If you can think of any other cons please comment them, because I genuinely can't see any other downsides. If you can think of more cons, please support my argument, and I'll love you forever.
  18. Hoodini

    Silk Touch Spawners

    Because I don't want to have to walk like 1000 blocks everytime I need to grind XP. Spawners aren't that common. Also, you should read what I said about the other pros silk touch spawners bring to the server.
  19. Hoodini

    Silk Touch Spawners

    Did you even read my post before commenting? There are ways to make it so you can't do that. Go back and read the part labelled: "Why it's not OP"
  20. Hoodini

    Desert Island Scenario

    #1 Emo so he can do my math homework while I'm surviving. #2 Martha, because I'm gunna need food and water, and watermelon can provide both. #3 BOT Albert, because he's a cutie. Diversity eh?
  21. Hoodini

    Josh introduction

    Welcome to the club pal
  22. Addons: Vrondakis leveling system (and maybe prestige addon) https://github.com/vrondakis/Leveling-System https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/390/darkrp-prestige-level-system RT Camera https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106944414 Brax ATM VIP Jobs I think the jobs you listed in the direction post are pretty good, but here are a few ideas for donator/high level jobs if you decide to go with the level addon. I'm not gunna do the purpose, need, use thing because none of these are needed, they're just incentives to buy VIP. Theif I know you said this wouldn't be a thing, but it would be nice if donators could have an easy way to get a lockpick and keypad cracker, and possibly a free gun. Fence Is a mix between drug dealer, gun dealer, and black market dealer. Makes selling items and making money faster, and also more efficient for the people buying, as they don't need to run around to all the different stores, or wait if there is no dealer for their specific needs online. Banker This job should be reserved for more trusted players, because no one is going to want to give away their expensive printers to the 6 year old kid who just joined the server, and is filling up the banker spot. They are going to want to be well trusted so people actually use the banker role instead of just keeping their printers in their bases. Custom job I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. It would have to be a pretty pricey option, because joining a server and having everyone have their own custom job is really annoying. But if it costed a shit ton of money, and only a few people had it, that could be cool. I'm not really sold on this idea, but I'm just gunna throw it out there. Or maybe you could give it the head admins or something idk. Other VIP Feature Ideas Slightly increased printer/door limit Duplicator tool (maybe a couple of other cool tools like lights or something) Double or slightly increase XP gaining (if you go with level system) Permanent gun (as long as it's not too OP) No prop/door buying cost Reserved slot Reduced printer cost Permanent salary boost Other ideas Make the printers not blow up every five seconds. Increase door limit to 5 Add a way to bail out jailed friends. Get a custom menu/HUD (the default one looks awful) Whitelist more props I know that most of these ideas and addons won't be added, but hopefully you see a few things you'll like. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=268401665 Theres the brax atm link
  23. Hoodini

    M E M E S

    Follow my instagram meme page: https://www.instagram.com/daddys___darlings/ Might give some defy shoutouts so we can get some new peeps.
  24. Hoodini


    What's up fellas, I'm back. My name is Hoodini, a lot of you already know me, but a lot of the newer players don't. I was a head admin wayyyyy back in the day, but had to leave because I didn't really have time to get the hours needed for staff. But now I'm not as busy, so I figured I'd come back and help out as much as I can.

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