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  1. wish the super OG staff team came back. loved all of those guys
  2. I go by plenty of different names. Most of them I stole from someone else I met on a server one time. Or saw in a video. A few I came up by myself.
  3. Foxtrot


    Welcome back man. We've missed you alot. 🧡
  4. Fucking classic Milo. Miss that guy
  5. From the first time you played on defy servers till now. What was your best experience. Wether it be a crazy amount of kills during a round of ttt or meeting that one person who was funny no matter what they did.
  6. Benji please come back. Defy needs you!!!!!!!
  7. Has alot of numbers. So it must be good. Right?
  8. Foxtrot

    Hello there

    Personally I don't hate you at all. One thing maybe is to use your mic a little less. (Not directed solely towards you) but alot of the younger players on defy tend to talk alot + mic spam etc.
  9. Imagine not being apart of the +right gang
  10. now I have a place to spend my credits. finally I can give them to that guy right there. No the one next to him, yeah that guy
  11. that one guy. you know him? yea that one and also that other guy. hes pretty scary. that guy right there. I'm pointing right at him. Yea that guy
  12. mass rdming and getting karma banned.
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