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  1. You already get in game credits when killing innos/detectives/T's personally I think the credit system is fine as it is. Because eventually you'll have everything you want in the store and then there's no point to credits
  2. I think. We should have 2 TTT servers with a 15 cap limit. (May be more hectic for admins to deal with reports) but it would lessen the toxicity on the server and loudness in general. For me when I play. If it gets over 12 I automatically put on (voice_enable 0) so I can hear people in discord or the music I'm listening to. Also when the server gets more then 25 players on. It's starts lagging pretty badly. And that only leads to rdm and toxicity from newer players.
  3. wish the super OG staff team came back. loved all of those guys
  4. I go by plenty of different names. Most of them I stole from someone else I met on a server one time. Or saw in a video. A few I came up by myself.
  5. Fucking classic Milo. Miss that guy
  6. I actually really like this idea. (Besides buying vip portion of it) but I definitely think Elite member should become a thing.
  7. From the first time you played on defy servers till now. What was your best experience. Wether it be a crazy amount of kills during a round of ttt or meeting that one person who was funny no matter what they did.
  8. Benji please come back. Defy needs you!!!!!!!
  9. Has alot of numbers. So it must be good. Right?
  10. I think we've all been there. playing TTT and all of a sudden you get the ear raping music. sure you can do /music and turn it off. unfortunately you need to do it every time a new song starts. and since everyone is so keen on spamming the buttons, you basically have too spam /music and keep turning it off. New players who don't know how to turn off the music get constantly ear raped and they tend to leave. everyone has different sound settings of course. some louder than others. but you shouldn't have to change your settings just to play a map in a game. recently whenever we get the map I sit on top of the button to open the music room. my player model blocks them from clicking the button but it also kinda sucks when I have T and I can't go anywhere. people have complained what I do is "camping" or "claiming an area" but all I'm doing is making the game playable for others. idk if there is ano easy fix for this or not but I definitely think it needs to be fixed or removed. either by removing the mp3 files or the buttons. (sorry for any spelling mistakes. I'm using my old phone rn)
  11. to set upba dedicated server. I believe it's 15$ a month. and you can set up every role accordingly (what items each person gets when they spawn. mess with the spawn rates of certain items) you can also make it a bit of P2W if donators get a little extra items when they spawn plus a rank in-game.
  12. I would like to be able to speed up a bit during bhop courses or races.
  13. Personally I don't hate you at all. One thing maybe is to use your mic a little less. (Not directed solely towards you) but alot of the younger players on defy tend to talk alot + mic spam etc.
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