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  1. Bowie

    Hide and Seek Event


    2 new ones they are posted in the event one is big and alot of spots but not too op and the other ones 3 floors in a building with not that many spots
  2. Bowie

    Hide and Seek Event


    at 18k credits can do 9 rounds for 2k or 3k for 6 rounds
  3. all ranks cant do it not just gold
  4. wendy's because I dont have chickfila here so I cant be wrong.
  5. Not sure I don't think you can talk with mark no need to make a post
  6. best tooth paste and lawn clippings worst puke
  7. idk how i did this but i have a scar on my middle finger and its the whole length of my finger.
  8. clearly doesnt say April fools
  9. playing with the ogs 2 and a half years ago when there was no kids on tbh but atleast ttts popping off now
  10. Bowie

    I’m back boys

    somebody needs more practice
  11. come back benji please
  12. i would get a 1080 instead of a 2080 in my opinion 20 series whine and can be loud or give it another year or so when they fix it my buddy has one and sent his off to get replaced after a month or 2 cuz of the loud whine
  13. Bowie

    5v5 Tournament


    Team Nard is out. Josh's Team vs Animosity (game 2) 8pm Tomorrow. Captains gets your team on
  14. Bowie

    5v5 Tournament


    Tomorrow first game : Favela Exterminatiors vs Nard 6pm. Who ever cant make it then team captain can get subs for the ones who cant. Must be defy members only and keep an eye out on here for me to post next games. Note: Team Captains are the ones in charged to get there players on.
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