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  1. out of all the gamemodes i see i think zombies would have the most players. 1V1 server will be active for 2 days then die
  2. cookies n cream > others
  3. Upset that my dog passed after 17 years
  4. xeno and krim said they were coming back potato, mark, neverdone somewhat ender and pr0fs. seven messages me once in a while.
  5. Bowie

    Reset and advertise

    1.14.4 is not optimized rn
  6. regulate nate dogg bithday fetty wap da baby carpet burn da baby suge ya ya real motherf*cking gs eazy-e fast car tracy chapman sweet caroline neil diamond hate me ellie goulding bullet proof blac youngsta pop out liltjay i can list alot more just top for me rn
  7. nah not dayz games bad
  8. Im looking for some games with a story or good multi player game nothing shitty more my taste if u can try. Just list some games and ill look at them steam or any other launcher doesnt matter thanks. rn thinking of dayz but not sure
  9. Idk i have not been on for the past 5ish days but I agree and think ttt needs 3-4 more admins and jb needs 1.
  10. Always welcome back if u deside to come hope to see you around from time to time.
  11. does anyone else play on the servers brother, sister ext.
  12. car shows, camping, movies, bbq, making money and going on trips.
  13. https://defyclan.com/application/form/4-ban-appeal/ you were banned for using alt accounts on the servers make a ban appeal about why you should be unbanned and why you used the alts on the servers.
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