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  1. derank to play with my brother whos nonranked or silver 1
  2. Bowie

    Adding more Store Items [Chat]

    adding more store items wouldn't be the best because it adds more download time for new members so its if its long download time people wont join but who knows.
  3. Bowie

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    not so bad started with like 30$ in the start still shitty tho but if i did win oof big cash out
  4. Bowie

    A new PC

    cyberpower and ibuypower are kinda pricey
  5. Bowie

    A new PC

    build one
  6. Bowie

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    Gambling with the defy ogs back in the day losing like $1500ish
  7. Bowie

    obamagon (and i'm going w/ him)

    love you dre ❤️
  8. Bowie

    Happy got a job???

    i just started this job plowing sidewalks and wanna quit already ffs. oh well winters almost done just gotta push it to get my new pc. bout to work 10 hrs today ffs allnight
  9. Bowie

    some banners i made

    Heres some of the banners that i made for defy staff still not done with some. some of them are small due to copy and paste lost the files for them so i have to remake the small ones
  10. Bowie

    some banners i made

  11. Bowie

    some banners i made

  12. Bowie

    some banners i made

    yea cuz i didn't finish them hmm
  13. Bowie

    some banners i made

  14. Bowie

    some banners i made

  15. Bowie

    some banners i made

  16. Bowie

    some banners i made

    yea i dont mind what theme would you like
  17. Bowie

    Player Stats TTT

    Had this little idea I don't know if anyone said it or not but adding player stats. I think this would be a way to get more people on but not sure. KDR, the best accuracy or top player kills of the month or biweekly we can do giveaways for players with the best stats. Giveaway a VIP to the top player and give away credits to the second and third place winners. I think this should be hosted once a month for a week. Not even giving out stuff just adding the stats for people who want to achieve something but keep it personal so people can't make fun of people for having bad stats unless they tell what there is, would also be a cool idea for it to work as traitors only.
  18. Bowie

    Good cs skins

    what nothing at all to do with my howl talking about spending 200 on skins lul
  19. Bowie

    Leaving DEFY

    trying my best rn to fix it. calling evga to request to fix my gpu. alot of work just for them to fix it but hope to see you on once in a while. bye trace
  20. Bowie

    Im Back

    only shitty part is having this error block on jailbreak
  21. Bowie

    The origins of Defy names.

    My first isername was LrGipod we started a clan called Large in like 2005 with like 40 members or so. I don't remember but all the good names were taken so I named myself after an ipod touch that was in my hand at the time.
  22. Bowie

    Good cs skins

    Awp boom, Ak 47 asiimov, and flipknife vanilla
  23. I don't know you but wanna say good luck. I don't think it will be hard if you say your gonna change be nice be kind and come up with nice topics in the froums. The only way out is to follow your new path.
  24. Bowie

    New members

    I wish I can come meet the new members that Defy got. Im trying my best to fix my cs from crashing every 5 mins. I don't know whats the problem at this point asking like 15 people that know ones seems to know why. Looking for a fix seems like there is nothing for what im dealing with. Supper weird that its only cs thats crashing. I use to play for hours now i cant play for 5 ish mins without crashing.

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