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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1940675037
  2. yes but do you have a 1 gb text file of prime numbers? i think not
  3. hello mens))) as you know I, magma, am a world famous game developer. with hit games such as "Tall Person Simulator", "Rock Roleplay", and "AIDS" being some of my best works, I'm proud to announce my newest game. presenting the never ending staircase, hosted on roblox. https://www.roblox.com/games/3217201885/Never-Ending-Staircase?refPageId=5fd704ba-9ce0-4ff0-9ee3-8bbd2ec8cc06 all you do is climb a staircase. that's the whole fucking game. it auto generates as you go up. some kid went up 100k steps. beat him u fuckin pussies yee haw magma out
  4. i like jailbreak but i don't play much cause i have work and stuff
  5. why isn't MS in F tier wtf
  6. hello defy if y'all weren't aware there is currently a wingman mapping contest going on (https://www.sediscord.com/wingman2020/) i need some feedback on my entry i wanted a gimmick to make it different so each player spawns in a different spot on the map i also wanted symmetry to ensure the map is fair in the spoiler i have a picture of the radar and i wanna know if anyone has any suggestions for improvements so far any feedback is appreciated, ty
  7. the main issue with rooftops is it's hard to optimize because of how open the level is. The way optimization in source works is it generally tries to split the level into open rooms that will only be loaded when they are seen. This can be achieved with AreaPortals designed to split up the rooms. The other method is to manually tell the map what can and cannot be seen from a particular angle with hint and skip brushes. The issue with rooftops is, since you can see most of the level from anywhere on the map there's not exactly anything you can choose to hide other than the indoor spaces. In terms of bank idk what's up with the elevator, i'll look into it when i get a chance. I think I used a tanktrain and maybe that's outdated, and i'll try a func_movelinear. We'll see.
  8. Magma


    they never gave this man senior admin wtf that was my #2 campaign after make defy toxic again plz come be my daddy again
  9. hopefully they can get back up. looks like valve is trying to limit customization of stuff that people can purchase with cosmetics, so hopefully models will still work
  10. digital clock more like digital cock welcome back
  11. Update: Tried to fuck DEFY Logo. Unsuccessful
  12. Hello all, Magma here again with another interesting topic. Given that at heart I am but a simple adolescent child who wants to stick his dick in everything, I found myself wondering, "Could the DEFY logo be a butthole?" Now, for those who don't know, I mean the social media logo of DEFY, pictured below. Now, my biggest question was, how do I determine which logo is the real one? There are so many different platforms, how could I ever choose?! Well, just like how they found the average human butthole diameter, I will be using multiple test subjects in order to determine the size. In order to determine the size of the hole, I took each of these logos into Photoshop and cropped them so that you could only see the hole in the middle of the logo, similar to the image pictured below. From there, I took each of these and compiled them into a spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, I took the dimensions of all the logos and placed them in pixels. From there, the issue was how to convert pixels to inches. So I took what the vast majority of desktop users have as monitors and utilized those values to test. A 27" monitor at 1920x1080 resolution has about 81 pixels per inch. A 24" monitor at 1920x1080 resolution has about 92 pixels per inch. I used each of these values to convert the pixels to inches, and from there I calculated the diameter by taking the length of the diagonal of the image, as this is the largest possible diameter of the circle. Pictured above is the resulting table. As you can see, the sizes of the images varied widely, coming out to an average of 126x127 size of image. This data itself may seem hard to comprehend, so I made a graph. As you can see, the average diameter of the images in inches on both monitors is very close to the size of a human butthole. Therefore, I firmly believe the DEFY logo could be fucked like an ass. I hope that this post shows that I'm not just a troll, I'm a serious science guy who knows his numbers and his mathematical calculations. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  13. welcome, in my experience it's always been fun to be in a klan so i don't see why this would be any different
  14. here to lose $2k again?
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