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  1. and you're still a GA when will these admins get their heads out of their asses and make you SA
  2. Magma

    need help

    it's a lot of people so any games are welcome
  3. hello mens as you know corona is keeping everyone inside i need some ideas for browser games and shit i can do in the browser so that people don't need to install anything my fraternity is getting real bored
  4. emo I don't know if part 1 or part 2 was worse because there was middle school version with MCR and shit but then the high school version with a lot of screamo so who knows
  5. my dick here's a pic for reference
  6. if everyone has equal access to it then i think it's fair if it was vip only get that shit outta here
  7. i got it 4 rounds out of 5 i wanna kill myself yee haw
  8. A take my knife and I slit your testes Can't we just be besties?
  9. i like jb the problem is just wardens are shitty and without good wardens the gamemode is fucked
  10. hello mens this is a true story that happened to me this weekend i had just got back from a 4 hour car ride from Wisconsin and i was back home. it was like 60 degrees outside so my friends and I decided to go for a walk down to the lake. We're just hanging out and skippin rocks when this girl shows up in a car. She tries to talk to us and I assume she's another student from one of the colleges nearby. nope. she says she's 34 she looks high as fuck. she starts smokin a joint and talks to my friend group: To me: "You're cute," to my other friend, "You're cute, I like your eyes", to another friend, "You're cute, I like your beard," and to my friend with acne she said "you gotta come try my essential oils for your face." anyways so after she roasted his ass she starts going on about how she's Mormon and polyamourous. She says that she has a couple boyfriends and she's getting married soon. she then asks if we smoke weed, and none of us do (regularly) so we politely decline her offer to sell us marijuana. she then tells us that she is rich but she has to go to the pawn shop because she hasn't gone for a while. she then tells us that she is a kardashian she then tells us that she has connections and she can buy us a fraternity house she then tells us that she's opening up a weed dispensary in St. Louis she then tells us that we should come to her amateur night at the local strip club and she starts talking about how she can get us internships at important businesses and she has me give her my phone number (big mistake) eventually we manage to get away by making up a story about meeting another friend anyways so we're walking back and she texts me a FUCKING AIRBNB AT HER HOUSE CAUSE THIS BITCH TRYNA FUCK and so i decide i'm just gonna ghost her right THE NEXT DAY she texts me again "what's up wisconsin" even tho i told her i'm not from wisconsin, i ignore her but apparently one of my friends went to go smoke weed with her and he fucked the crackhead, and he was like "guys should I double down" and I'm like "fuck no bro she got like 20 boyfriends that will fuck you up" THE NEXT DAY she calls me from a separate phone number and texts me on a third, asking if I'm nervous to meet her and I'm thinking like "yeah I'm nervous i'm gonna get aids from u crackhead" moral of the story kids don't give your phone numbers to crackheads
  11. remove all the rules #makeRDMlegal
  12. shitload of other surf servers plus with all the maps that's a lot more storage space
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