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  1. I think it's a great idea! Panorama style looks amazing. It'd be nice to see cool new changes on JB such as this.
  2. Mike, you are the gem of DEFY. Thank you for being here, and I hope your procedure goes well. Good luck man. Edit: What I just said sounded a little cringey, it was meant to be heartwarming.
  3. rude. hi felix, you sound like you're doing good, wish you would hop on discord every once in a while and kiss me
  4. Also if you feel the need to delete this, I suggest to comment your idea on this post:
  5. I don't think they were trying to be toxic. They expressed their opinions as they should, and you got heated, and that's when it started.
  6. Instead of a full-on dedicated comp server, we can host events like comp matches with prizes.
  7. who is doing this, and make a complaint the next time you see it.
  8. hi ninja, nice 2 meet u, i am pdizle
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