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  1. shut up. we all know that shrek will eat thanos and poop him out on everyone else and get that chicken dinner
  2. i hope they change sonic's model into your profile pic
  3. You're only toxic when you get angry which is pretty rare
  4. India. Believe it or not, it's actually not filled with people shitting on the streets (although there are rare occasions of seeing someone pee behind a bush), I'm from the southern part of India called Kerala, and it's quite beautiful down there. It's filled with vegetation and the towns are filled with lively people and street vendors. I go every couple of years to visit friends and family and I always have such a good time.
  5. I agree with num3rical, it's also why JB is the superior server
  6. I'm really gonna miss you man, hope you'll get on JB every now and then so we can have fun like the good ol' days
  7. Best Smell: Freshly baked pastry (can be cookies or even bread) Worst Smell: After I eat ice cream cones I get really gassy and my farts smell awfully putrid
  8. that is clearly @PotatoStyle oh wait, you said biggest pp? sorry I thought you meant smallest.. biggest clearly goes to @ItzGray
  9. We could all get on the server we play on at a specific time during the weekend and do a big CTF game. I'm willing to do a best 2 out of 3 game and offer the winning team 1000 credits which they will split with each other. The only problem is that we can't control who joins so, we could either kick them or move em to spec.
  10. S - A&W (A&W in Canada is fucking amazing, they have the juiciest, tastiest burgers ever. the one in USA is ass tho) A - Wendy's, Dairy Queen, Carls Jr. (Hardee's) B - McDonald's, KFC, Papa Johns, Taco Bell C - Domino's, Subway, Popeyes
  11. Yeah, English is way too difficult. Even the people who were born and raised here struggle with the class.
  12. Where I live the conservatives just won. They're making our diploma exams (diploma exams in Alberta are the same thing as the SAT's in the US) weigh 50% again like the old days (as I'm going into grade 12 too ;c), although they're removing carbon tax and that's good for the economy because we're heavily dependent on our Oil & Gas industry. I'm in favor of more government control, so I'm left winged. I believe that there are a lot of stupid people, so more freedom can be a bad thing when it comes to decision-making on a country's behalf.
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