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  1. boredd. there is nothing to do and the only thing that gives me joy is playing with friends
  2. Windows Game Mode also has a recording software, I'm not exactly sure how it works but im pretty sure you can set it up to record past clips. You can press ⊞ Win + G or press the windows button to activate.
  3. senorita by shawn mendes and camila cabello
  4. playing Beethoven's fur elise on the piano in undertale_jb recording people's laughs and/or embarrassing phrases and playing it back to them
  5. New MG admin? Also I agree with all of your suggestions. Nice post
  6. guitar is my favourite weapon on rust but idk how to play how i do?
  7. It has come to my attention that some players don't know how to play Jailbreak, and because of this, they don't know what to do in certain situations and sometimes avoid the game mode. So I would like to post this "How to Play Jailbreak!" guide for newcomers and others alike so that they can enjoy it as much as the rest of us. In Jailbreak, there are T's who are the prisoners of the "Jail" and there are CT's who are the guards. The prisoners can either win the round by winning all of the warden's games and being the last prisoner alive or by successfully rebelling against the guards and killing them. In addition to the guards in the CT team, there is also the Warden and the Deputy. As a Warden, your main objective is to control the Terrorists while you order them to play games and kill them off till eventually, there is only one remaining prisoner. The Deputy is basically the same as a normal guard but, if the warden is not present with the prisoners and is chasing someone, the Deputy is authorized to give orders. The Deputy also has access to special privileges such as Tazer which acts like handcuffs, marking and unmarking prisoners as rebels, immediately becoming the Warden if something were to happen to them, and other privileges which are located in the menu. Some commands you should know /menu - Opens up the menu. /jbshop - Opens up the Jailbreak Shop where you can buy perks or items. /guard or /g - Use this to become a Guard. /warden or /w - Use this to become the Warden. /deputy or /d - Use this to become the Deputy. /t - Use this to become a Terrorist. /days - Use this to vote for event days. /refuse or /ref - Use this to refuse a game. /p - Use this to request a pardon. /repeat or /rep - Use this to request for a repeat /heal or /h - Use this to request for a heal.
  8. Getting Ender karma banned on TTT by running into his ak sprays.
  9. Pepe is also really fun to play with. Bowie is just a bully
  10. I choose either seth or craig because they play JB with me when I give them the invite. They are also funny, fun to play with, and good community members in general.
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