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  1. People usually target people who are good, example I'll kill the better player in a room before the others. As for the harrassing, I think people think you are toxic and say mean things because of that.
  2. Either an astronaut or an actor, both seem pretty fun
  3. According to google, his last name is 2.
  4. italian. lasagna and other pasta dishes are soo good
  5. Favourite breakfast item? My personal favourite for breakfast item is Hashbrowns.
  6. come to alberta and ill feed u all the indian style chicken you want
  7. tryna get senior eh? steak ofc
  8. Most of my peripherals are Razer (mouse & keyboard) but I think Corsair is probably the best
  9. I just finished reborn again for like the 7th time. it's pretty good.
  10. boredd. there is nothing to do and the only thing that gives me joy is playing with friends
  11. Windows Game Mode also has a recording software, I'm not exactly sure how it works but im pretty sure you can set it up to record past clips. You can press ⊞ Win + G or press the windows button to activate.
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