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  1. Matamir

    Nice little AWP ace

    *cough* tryhard *cough* lel. Nice ace
  2. Is there any difference between sus and high sus? Or is that just something that the players started doing without any rule behind it?
  3. Matamir


    I did no such thing! YOU spelled it wrong!
  4. I can kinda make maps. Like I know how to make some simple things, and i can make windows and hidden rooms. But idk how to make it so only T can open the rooms. If anyone knows how, I can make the base of the Map.
  5. Matamir

    My New Game

    Macro transactions?
  6. Would someone explain the difference to me. I know that you can kill after 2 if its high sus. Thanks!
  7. Matamir


    Yo hows it going? My name is Матамир Путин but you can call me: Russian Man. Dobby is a noob and Never Done > Zarackattack. Thats all I'm gonna say.
  8. In-Game Name: Матамир Путин Age: 16 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:122630373 Have you read our server rules? Yes Do you have Teamspeak 3?: Yes Why do you want to join DEFY?: I've been playing on the TTT server alot over the past few days, and it's alot of fun. Some people said to do !join, so I did. The people here are great to hang out with, and I want to solidify my playing on the server by joining the Defy group. Also, I LOVE the prop moving ability. Who invited you to DEFY?: One of my friends who introduced me to TTT in csgo invited me to the server.
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