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  1. You're just bad, kiddo.
  2. Dark

    Add In-game ranks

    Or just say fuck new players, because they deserve to suffer the deepest level of Hell I can possibly muster for them to never come back. /s We already (kinda) have this. It's called the menu pop-up that comes up that says "press 5 to confirm you have read all the rules before playing and becoming Detective" which everyone always blindly accepts. "No, that wasn't an RDM. I'm allowed to do that, it's in the rules." "Really? Did you actually read the rules when you agreed that you did when you first joined the server?" "What message?" Or in a JB case: "That was a freekill! Everyone knows that you're allowed to jump during a freeze." "Really? Where in the rules does it say that?" "Well on the server I play on---" "Did you read our rules before playing?" "No, of course not." And my favorite scenario: "That's a freekill! You're supposed to give warning shots, it's literally in the rules" "You expect me to give you a warning shot for attempting to get into armory?" "You're supposed to give warning shots! You freekilled me too!" "You were literally jumping. What part of 'Jumping is now KOS' do you not understand?" Moral of the story is: fuck new players. If they won't bother to read our rules before playing, then sucks for them. Either leave or deal with it, pussies.
  3. Dark

    I need a prof pic

    prof profile pic
  4. Dark

    Update Rules

    Learn to read, monkey man.
  5. Dark

    Intro xd

    @Felix This faggot has a crush on you. Don't tell him we're already dating.
  6. Anyone: *queues with pdizzle* CS:GO: "Your matchmaking experience will be significantly affected because the Trust Factor of pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle is substantially lower than yours."
  7. Dark

    Adding more Store Items [Chat]

    Why would changing a few colors add more download time?
  8. Mass RDM multiple times as well as ghosting on multiple recorded occasions, not to mention also being the former most-hated person in the clan sounds like a pretty funny joke to me.
  9. Dark

    Update Rules

    Well if players are actively trying to avoid the detective when they tell them to freeze, then they deserve to have a KOS on them, or at least a hi-sus. And something related I want to address that should be made into a well defined rule is people running away from a detective's orders. This should be a Traitorous act since Ts would usually try to run from detectives to not get tazed. And something that really upsets me is when innocents knowing run from detectives as if they are Ts. Sometimes they do this to make the detective or someone else to lose karma for killing them. If you knowingly not follow a detectives orders as an Innocent, then it should be considered and Innocent Rule Violation and should result in a slay, just like if an innocent did any other Traitorous Acts knowingly. I see this so many times from so many people and I don't fucking get it. If you're innocent, why would you go out of your way to not get proven? It honestly makes no sense, and I've seen admins do exactly this making me lose karma as detective. Its sickening that people abuse any loophole or nonexistent rule that they can and is never enforced.
  10. Dark

    GET ON

    Who are you?
  11. Dark

    Defyclan is the best?

    eGO, SNG, GiClan, PRG, and EgN are a fucking joke.
  12. Because I don't try. And I have a gambling addiction with Office. Its always either a 50/50 of people who don't know how to play hostage maps or Office veterans/hackers (and the hackers are surprisingly rare to my knowledge). And an extremely unpopular opinion: I prefer Hostage gamemode to Bomb Defusal. You tend to have more fun when you play outside your comfort zone. And unfortunately now, Hostage has become my comfort zone, and my shitty Macintosh can barely run Cache at 10fps while it runs fucking Agency at a smooth average 100fps. Thanks Steve Jobs.

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