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  1. Rip this legend

  2. Dark

    Being Admin

    I haven't really been on the servers since you got admin, so I can't really give you direct criticisms. But, I can give you some general suggestions, which should apply to all admins. Never neglect your job or try to avoid it. This is a big one that some "no-so-great for lack of a better word" admins always tend to do. If you apply, you should do your job, its kind of a given. If you use the excuse "I didn't see it happen, so I can't do anything about it" while you're on the server, then why the fuck are you there? This is a major pet peeve of mine. Don't be a neglectful cuntbag when people actually need you to take care of things. Work for others, not yourself. One particular admin I despise always punishes people who are directly involved with him, and just outright ignore anything else that happens. It's disgusting and I jave no idea why they haven't been demoted yet. You're not here to help yourself all the time, you're here to help others. If you see someone breaking rules, do something about it. It doesn't matter if they didn't RDM you directly or not, just do your job. I know this sounds like a given, but its sad how common this is. Learn when to be harsh or lenient. There are many instances where someone deserves a swift punishment, generally when they are being an asshole. They won't learn to behave if you brush of toxicity. And if something really minor comes up, sometimes you should give someone the benefit of the doubt. The best way to get people to like and rerespect you as an admin is to just be a good and friendly person. Try to be rational and stick to your gut, but also get used to people constantly asking you to take care of things for them. I know it may seem annoying at first, but I can promise you people will love you if you're able to be on to moderate for them, especially if you're able to late at night. By then, TTT becomes unplayable from the amount of late-night RDMers. I basically described my dream admin to you, so this is probably the best example to follow. I've heard good things about you besides the usual bitching from Tiger, so I am sure you'll be great and soar through those ranks. Hope this helped!
  3. I'm already under bans, you neanderthal ape person.
  4. The ID tags on TTT seem really dumb. I get that it makes it easier for admins to punish people, but it's extremely inconvenient for the other 90% who aren't admins. Usually, the scoreboard is a really easy way to check who was T or Innocent when they're dead and IDed. But now, you have to scroll up in chat just to see if the person who is dead was T or not, which is very annoying. Overall, this addition has been useless to non-admins. Here's some solutions I propose for UserIDs on TTT (JB and MG are fine the way they are): Have UserIDs only appear on people alive on the scoreboard and show roles of dead people like before, or... Have UserIDs only show for admins and keep the old system for non-admins.
  5. What is this baby speak? The only way to prove you have a pulsating brain filled to the brim with intelligence is by recording someone watching a T kill people and hi-susing them. That is alpha level brain power and needs to ve documented extensively.
  6. It would be very simple just to have admins enforce false-sus more. I don't get why some rules are more important than others or when some rules are rarely enforced at all. It honestly makes no sense.
  7. I'm not going back to edit this. It took me way too long to make it in the first place. Just use your imagination, bimbo.
  8. Lawful Good: @PepeHands | Social Good: @PotatoStyle | Neutral Good: @Josh | Rebel Good: @baby | Chaotic Good: @Connor Lawful Moral: @Mark | Social Moral: @Dev | Neutral Moral: @num3rical | Rebel Moral: @ItzGray | Chaotic Moral: @Fsjal Lawful Neutral: @Felix | Social Neutral: @Niall_Ferguson | True Neutral: @Zane | Rebel Neutral: @Trace | Chaotic Neutral: @spicyravioli Lawful Impure: @Arkzy | Social Impure: @esp | Neutral Impure: @Reaper | Rebel Impure: @dad | Chaotic Impure: @Dark Lawful Evil: @Assassin | Social Evil: @Foxtrot | Neutral Evil: @MoleRat | Rebel Evil: Mango.exe | Chaotic Evil: @Jade Decided to do this again because last year's alignment chart is very outdated. I tried to include as many "relevant" people as I could, so I ended up scraping the bottom of the barrel for ones that aren't too forgotten. Some of these may or may not be accurate (and looking back, I should have swapped PepeHands and Felix), so just deal with what you got or cry me an ocean, you big baby. Compare it to the December 2018 one and you can see how much everyone has changed since then, or at least the ones who made the cut again. Zane is forever be our True Neutral god of DEFY and no one will ever usurp his eternal seat as the most legendary administrator of this clan. Hopefully he gets promoted soon, he deserves it more than anyone else here. I know it seemed like I would do these at the end of every year, but... Anyway, hope you enjoy this piece of shit, and at least be glad its higher quality this time, you ape people.
  9. Dark


    We need to put those people in cages and kill their kind. Our political party is superior and everyone else is wrong.
  10. You're mom has the best laugh on DEFY.
  11. Dark

    Forum Changes

    I only used Bug Reports as a reference to how Suggestions could be. There's nothing wrong with them right now. I just prefer to see everything in a list on the front page with the most recent posts in each category like it used to be. Here, its just the most recent post of everything in the Hub. I'm sure everyone liked it the old way anyway. Plus, I've also noticed the profile pics next to the recent posts are gone for no particular reason. As with the Suggestions, the WIP thing sounds alright, but we would still like if Rejected posts were distinctly categorized away from the WIP suggestions or the other ones. But even if there's a tagging option, do you really think everyone would be properly tagging their posts? I'm just gonna say out right, there are some very dumb people on here who don't know how to properly make forum posts, let alone correctly format or tag them. There could new members looking for a place to suggest. If they actually figure out where they can post them, you can expect there to be a "Add Unnecessary Gimmick to TTT" thrown into a sea of bad highlight videos. Just because there is a tagging option doesn't mean everyone will even bother to use it, to be really honest. Yeah, there will be people who will properly tag their posts and all, but either way, the game forums will just be an unorganized mess. Like I said, it would get confusing for some people to see general CS:GO discussions in the same forum as suggestions too.
  12. Dark

    Forum Changes

    I agree that I liked everything not as compact as it is now. You got everything you needed right there in your face, but now you have to click another link just to get to the roster, apps, and complaints. The suggestions on the other hand were fibe but needed to be regulated. The tag system would have improved the Suggestion forum since people would easily be able to tag "TTT, CS:GO, etc." But having the Game Forums or Clubs or whatever the fuck you wanna call them just one big forum of game discussion mixed with game suggestions isn't really user-friendly in my opinion. I would honestly bring back the Suggestion forum and just have the Clubs be about the games. What I suggest is to have a more strict system of Suggestion posting, considering there have been a lot of low-quality and borderline spam posts from people who will remain unnamed like Reaper. You know how with Bug Reports, there is a little drop down menu to pick the game or Discord or fourms? It looks like this, if you're lazy. Just imagine it said "Suggestion type?" and "Suggestion Name" and so on if you want to get where I'm going with this. Anyway, when you make Bug Reports, they always have a tag made into the title of your post with the stuff you selected in the menu, which would look something like "[TTT] Everything." Suggestions would be much easier to navigate and distinguish from other types of suggestions, for Mark and everyone else. I'm sure this same idea has worked great for Mark in the Bug Report forums, but I wouldn't know since no one can see it. Making specific suggestions into entire forums and any other General Suggestions crammed into General Discussion seems like a really bad design decision. So this is what I think: The new tagging system is fine, VIP lounge was useless so I don't care about that, but we still need to fix the suggestions. And also maybe expand the News, Information, and Member Applications back out into the "DEFY List." You can collapse that list with the arrow in the top-right anyway, if you want. The Support Area being collapsed is fine, but maybe add the Help Questions thing back? There wasn't anything wrong with that and I don't know why its gone now. Plus, I have never seen anyone complain about the forums being hard to navigate, so I have no idea where Mark gets this claim from. But separating General Discussion from Game Discussion is totally fine, nothing wrong there. As Seven said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There were a lot of things wrong, but this wasn't the way everyone wanted things to be fixed.
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