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  1. Dark

    Remove music from Afterglow

    Its not as easy as just removing the music. We would need someone who knows map making to fix this, and that's a hard task in itself. If it were just as simple as removing the music, then we would still have ttt_damons_disco in our map pool. And I assume Mark can't do anything about it considering problems like these haven't been able to just be fixed as they appear. If you want to find a way to fix maps with similar issues with this, be my guest. You should know that maps like these have been removed because they have minor or lag-causing bugs because people find the need to always abuse them without repercussion (RIP Dolls). If you want change, then we need to enforce map exploiting more, no matter if its game-breaking or not. Afterglow is a good map, I'd hate to see it go just because people can't control themselves.
  2. Dark

    Gametracker Previews

    Added new Gametracker Previews for all servers: - DEFYcraft - mg_fridaythe13_hns_defy - jb_space_jail_sg_defy - hns_vertigo_defy - jb_dragons_lair_v2_defy - jb_moonjail_v3_defy - deathrun_bajocero_defy - hns_alien_defy - deathrun_simpsons_ff_defy - hns_deadfarm_defy - hns_assault_defy - hns_office_defy - deathrun_helix_defy - hns_alien_defy - ba_jail_electric_razor_defy - mg_nebo2_course_defy - deathrun_n4x_dres0x_defy - deathrun_lego_world_final_defy - deathrun_iceworld_v2_defy - jb_vipinthemix_csgo_v1-1_defy - hns_hospital_defy Previews for the new maps will come very soon. Let me know if I missed any or added the wrong maps.
  3. Dark

    Double LR

    We didn't have this on NsG, but I've played other servers with this feature. It didn't get too chaotic, usually. And the activation number should be higher, like have the double LR activate when there are 15+ people on, kinda like with the voice battery on TTT.
  4. Dark

    Defy Without Context.

    DEFYlights was better. Also @num3rical part 4 when?
  5. Dark

    The Issues With Afterglow

    Its better to fix problems than to put them out of mind. I'll just leave this here... If you're Bowie and don't feel like reading my post, I'll just explain real quick that instead of removing the map, we could just remove the music. Problem is that Emo is gone and the only map maker we know who can help us is RVFK. ttt_damons_disco was removed for its loud music, but that was only because you couldn't turn it off (plus it was a shitty map anyway). I like ttt_afterglow, and I would prefer to keep it. The map pool is stale at the moment and we can't afford to lose more maps for dumb reasons. The post linked above also has a list of maps I have compiled for our servers that can hopefully be added soon. It gets really boring to see the same 5 TTT maps being played all day, and we haven't had a new map added in almost 4 months.
  6. Dark

    Have you completed 100 traps?

    I don't play Bowie maps.
  7. Dark

    Introduction to the Busting

    Ask him again in 3 days.
  8. Dark

    Christmas was retarded

    Aren't you supposed to be perm banned?
  9. Dark

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards

    What about best Murder admin?
  10. Dark

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    You realize this thread was make as a joke, right? Sorry if I'm ruining said joke, but Hank and Ravioli planned their whole argument out lmao
  11. Dark

    Hi I'm New

  12. Dark

    Adding lobby to TTT?

    Sounds like too much work to add to every map. No.
  13. Just... Don't do this. It sounds pretty annoying and there are plenty of people on the servers already who unintentionally play the "local idiot" role. Sorry if I sound a bit cynical but if you want to roleplay, play JB. TTT is definitely not the place for this. Doing this would just make people start to hate you. Anyway, welcome to the DEFYcult. Hope you have fun here.

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