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  1. I can't believe you. This is why you're the most hated person in this entire clan. You always RDM, and you were banned for 3 months because of Toxicity. You should honestly leave DEFY at this point. I have been really tired of your shit lately, but you just cross the fucking line. You're a degenerate and a piece of shit. I'm going to make a player complaint for the shit you just pulled. Chicken Butt? Are you fucking kidding me? I don't want to admit you got me good, since you don't deserve the satisfaction of knowing I fell for this lazy attempt at comedy. This is not OK. I hope you fucking die alone, piss man. I will never forgive you for this. This is the last straw.
  2. Imagine entering a raffle that already ended.
  3. Dark

    silver vip

    Not even April 30th, loser. And could you maybe do a screenshot like Mega did so we know this "giveaway" isn't just you picking who deserves it the most?
  4. im splooging my panties from the sight of His Glory
  5. salsa coon vagina

  6. Dark

    Hide and Seek Event


    Gonna be in New Mexico during that weekend. Excited to see how well this will go and if more than 5 people show up!
  7. Let me try to interpret your retard speak, since you made this extremely confusing with your punctuation and grammar: Yes, it should be RDM if someone kills or KOSes you for seeing you killing a KOSed person. But it becomes a different story if you can't see if they are shooting at a KOSed person or not. It's very common to see someone gunning down someone, so the best thing to do is to KOS and kill the person you see shooting. But, if you do see that they are shooting a KOSed person and you still KOS them for that, then there's a problem. Of course, you can always play the TTT-Goggles Card and use the excuse of "I didnt see it, so I had to KOS," or something more dumb that the average TTT fag can make-up. TTT: Use 2% of your brain to play, Use the other 98% to make-up excuses for why that wasn't an RDM.
  8. I always use the Unread Posts button on the top right of the page. It's more convenient than Discover since it only shows posts and doesnt include the follows and reacts that Discover has. But I'll vote for Discover since that's close enough.
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