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  1. Mass RDM multiple times as well as ghosting on multiple recorded occasions, not to mention also being the former most-hated person in the clan sounds like a pretty funny joke to me.
  2. Dark

    Update Rules

    Well if players are actively trying to avoid the detective when they tell them to freeze, then they deserve to have a KOS on them, or at least a hi-sus. And something related I want to address that should be made into a well defined rule is people running away from a detective's orders. This should be a Traitorous act since Ts would usually try to run from detectives to not get tazed. And something that really upsets me is when innocents knowing run from detectives as if they are Ts. Sometimes they do this to make the detective or someone else to lose karma for killing them. If you knowingly not follow a detectives orders as an Innocent, then it should be considered and Innocent Rule Violation and should result in a slay, just like if an innocent did any other Traitorous Acts knowingly. I see this so many times from so many people and I don't fucking get it. If you're innocent, why would you go out of your way to not get proven? It honestly makes no sense, and I've seen admins do exactly this making me lose karma as detective. Its sickening that people abuse any loophole or nonexistent rule that they can and is never enforced.
  3. Dark

    GET ON

    Who are you?
  4. Dark

    Defyclan is the best?

    eGO, SNG, GiClan, PRG, and EgN are a fucking joke.
  5. Because I don't try. And I have a gambling addiction with Office. Its always either a 50/50 of people who don't know how to play hostage maps or Office veterans/hackers (and the hackers are surprisingly rare to my knowledge). And an extremely unpopular opinion: I prefer Hostage gamemode to Bomb Defusal. You tend to have more fun when you play outside your comfort zone. And unfortunately now, Hostage has become my comfort zone, and my shitty Macintosh can barely run Cache at 10fps while it runs fucking Agency at a smooth average 100fps. Thanks Steve Jobs.
  6. Dark

    Update Rules

    Also, here are my quick opinions on the rest: Please, so people can stop bitching about this being a real rule or not. It makes sense, so just make it officially allowed. Already is. Basically the same as prop blocking. Fine. Should always be enforced in the first place. Fucking why? Do you fucking have a fucking problem with fucking people fucking saying fucking fuck all of the fucking time? Fucking pussy. Detectives are allowed to do enough as they need already. Things that they aren't allowed to command are clearly stated. Being able to make people freeze and go into T testers (might wanna fact check Josh on this), and having people safely take your word on who the Ts are seems good enough to me. If this isn't what you meant, elaborate on what these "fair warnings" entail. Should basically be common sense and probably already allowed, but sure. Or easier: bitch to the admins until they start doing 80% instead of 60% of their job. /s (But really, all rules should always be enforced, don't know why some rules are worth more than others, but I guess that's how DEFY works.) I think you mean "better define what is or isn't susable more clearly," so yes. (see prop pushing rule response)
  7. Dark

    Update Rules

    What I think is that we should reword how calling KOSes work, because this has always been a problem. My suggestion is that if someone is tazed as T, any KOS on them should not prove anything about the person who called KOS. I hate how the KOS loophole is always abused without consequence (and it shouldn't be allowed) where people repeat KOSes just to prove themselves. So here is what I think: KOSes on a known alive player should only prove the innocent who first called it Repeating any KOS should not prove anyone Calling a KOS on a tazed T should not prove anyone Because you only really know that someone is really innocent if they call a valid KOS on a known alive player, since calling KOSes on alive players as T is not allowed (and cases of false KOSes would be dealt with accordingly of course). Repeating KOSes is just a cheap and easy way to "prove" yourself and almost instantly make yourself trusted without any effort, since the wording of the Ts Calling KOSes rule is abused to the benefit of innocents. And calling KOSes on tazed Ts is pretty unnecessary. If you actually read chat, you'll know who is being tazed, and calling a KOS from this just goes back to what I said about the T KOS rule. The only use I could understand people calling KOS on tazed Ts is to spread the word to those "I don't read chat" fucktards, but even then should just be to spread the word and not to loophole yourself to being proven. And yes, the Ts Calling KOSes rule should stay the same. If you are T, you should not be allowed to call KOSes on alive people, including your T buddies. Say if my three suggestions were added, repeating KOSes or calling KOS on a tazed T buddy wouldn't prove you under any circumstances, but you still shouldn't be calling them as T. Keeping this rule the way it is in addition to my three suggestions should prevent any further loopholes that would hurt my brain if I think about it too long, so don't think in to it too much yourself. Just don't call KOSes as T (unless blah blah blah) and have repeated KOSes not have innocents loopholing this rule to prove themselves ("Ts can't do this, so me doing this proves me" and blah blah blah). Hopefully this wasn't too confusing.
  8. Dark

    I need a prof pic

  9. Dark

    Move Healthshot to First Menu Slot

    Who said you have to bind every command? All you really ever need is flashlight, menu, and battery. Everything else is optional. Having healthshot bound is convenient since its probably everyone's most used menu item, plus its useful for quickly healing without having to go through the hassle of opening the menu, and clicking the number to buy it. But you should probably not have everything bound in the first place. Its pretty unnecessary.
  10. Dark

    Server thinks I'm using a VPN (I'm not)

    This sounds like a job for @Mark. If anyone can help you, its him, because this looks like an error with the servers to me.
  11. Dark

    Highest kill T round?

    I think I once got an ace T round of 12 kills once. Makes it easy if everyone remembers to put on their standard issue DEFYbrand(tm) blindfolds, earplugs, and ballgags before joining TTT.
  12. Dark


    I'm one to joke around and make fun of people a lot, but I at least draw the line somewhere. There are a number of incel fuckboys on this server who do exactly this: if they don't get their way with women, then they are a whore to them. Its fucking sickening. You don't have to be a white knight whenever Liv, Dev, or Blank get on. Just treat them like normal human beings. And fellas, just because one of them probably likes you as a person does not mean they're your wife now. Like, just look at r/justneckbeardthings. Its basically a mirror for 30% of this clan.
  13. Dark

    mic spamming

    This is a terrible suggestion and you should feel bad.
  14. Dark

    mic spamming

    I like this suggestion. Very well thought out and put together.

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