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  1. Abstract

    Haven't been here in a while

    Alrighty well i'll be sure to check it out sometime after the appeal (if accepted) i repealed like an hour ago actually if you hadn't noticed just check out the appeal section or my profile
  2. Abstract

    Haven't been here in a while

    I probably will appeal soon but other than that i've kinda moved on from defy. i still am banned, from every server.., but I'm technically still a member of defy i originally thought that when i got perm banned i was removed from the clan entirely and moved on to xG on Jailbreak forgetting about being on defy but not forgetting about it. right after this thought im probably going to write a ban appeal for that so I hope to see you soon too on TTT possibly
  3. Abstract

    Haven't been here in a while

    thats pretty neat. is defy csgo only? or does it have divisions like a defy tf2 or a defy l4d?
  4. Abstract

    Haven't been here in a while

    Been a really long time since I ever was on here. seems like the layout of the website changed a bit. What's new to defy as of recently? new rules, new changes to servers, anything. kinda curious since i havent played on defy servers in a while seeing i got permanantly banned but still. how's life been for active users on defy?

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