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  1. imagine all the people living for today woooo hooo hoo hoo hooooo
  2. Garfield kart is too hard to get to work in multiplayer especially for large amounts of people. We would have to take turns getting in matches and hoping it works out and that's neglecting the fact that most people don't have the game and aren't interested in begging their moms for it.
  3. Connor because of his unpredictable nature.
  4. @Ender dont think you understand the point of this thread. You don't downvote a post for being unpopular because that's exactly what the thread is for. how dare you downvote me you do not know what you have started oyu kkjl; a;lkjd;lk
  5. The 90's probably had the worst decade of music. Haven't given rap/hip hop a chance and the rock music is either too experimental and silly (which can be fun occasionally) or slow and edgy. Not a fan of the vocal style of Eddie Vedder or his copycats. Curt Cobain too. The pop music is intolerable too. So fucking annoying. At least pop music today is just bland. The 80's was mostly annoying too but it had some songs that are fun.
  6. Battlefront 1 and 2 for the ps2, Oblivion, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter bring back so many good memories!!!!!!!!!
  7. creepers befopre they explode i get so mad every time fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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