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  1. Hank_Hell

    Every time a grill joins Defy

    *every time flaccid shell gets on
  2. Hank_Hell

    Tell me a fucking joke

    speak english
  3. Hank_Hell

    Tell me a fucking joke

    My great great uncle was one of those hobo fellas and he was in a small mining town i won't say the name of the mioning company for privacy's sake but it was called Mcnamer's mining company and it was in a small isolated town my great great uncle got to this town on a train because he was a hobo looking for work like almost everyone else in the town but the thing is hobos are strictly forbidden because they illegally ride trains meant for the transportation of goods and the man who enforces this law is called ol' leslie mcneilson when my great great uncle hector got to the company they wouldnt hire him but he convinvced them and they hired him thank god and he was really good but he got lonely so he went out to look for a girl to get with but the other miners told him that there were no women in this town and so they have sex with pigs needless to say my great great uncle hector was disgusted and refuse but days past and he got more and more lonely so he gave in and went to the nearest pig farm and started doing this hanous act but the other miners gathered around and said "what are you doing" and he said "what does it look like? im making love to a pig" and the miners said "thats not a pig thats ol' leslie mcneilson's wife!!!!"
  4. Hank_Hell

    Have you completed 100 traps?

    yeah was easy
  5. Hank_Hell

    Pinky's Introduction

    i like gay people too
  6. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    no i hate that skank
  7. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    I don't see how someone who claims to be a fucking genius can have so little self awareness. I'm fucking done. Can't even comprehend the stupidity.
  8. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    i dont benefit shit because i dont give a fuck. i have a life. i dont talk about politics over the internet all day and even if i did my beliefs wouldnt be fucking stupid.
  9. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    Yeah i'm a loser because i dont give a fuck about a gaming clan. Keep suckin' dick and trying to get admin everywhere. Get a life.
  10. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    If me calling you out for once qualifies as an "autistic rage fit" then I guess i'm fucking retarded. You're a narcissistic prick i'm not even fucking sorry.
  11. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    Lmfao like you don't get political in every single game we play. It's annoying get over yourself. I've still been your friend but i've always had to look past that
  12. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    Yeah i mean we're friends but you always bring up this shit for real. This libertarian bullshit i'm sick of fucking hearing it.

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