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  1. I'm leaving the clan idiots suck my dick and balls love you guys had a good time peace
  2. @Dark @Dark @Fsjal @Fsjal @spicyravioli @spicyravioli
  3. at least im not a stupid retard bitch
  4. go fuck yourself popeyes can kiss my ass
  5. what? too spicy for you? chick fil a BITCH nuggets ain't shit
  6. Bojangles is better than Chick Fil A and everywhere else when it comes to chicken.
  7. ill be usre to liek an dsubrscirbe~!!!
  8. I pee in the water and its loud as fuck so that everyone in the stalls and urinals near me know i dont give a single fuck none of that "Oh ill pee on the side of the water so its quiet" bullshit i dont have time for that i pull down my pants piss and get outa there dont even wash my hands but if they got those heaters you bet your ass ill put my hands under that shit that shit warm and fuck feels good.
  9. say ligma and then say ligma balls
  10. yes implement it now that i already skipped to veteran
  11. good ridance fuckface!
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