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  1. Fuck bees, fuck you, and fuck your mother.
  2. What's your favorite farm animal
  3. Hank_Hell

    obamagon (and i'm going w/ him)

    Gonna miss you bro see you in discord 🐒🙊
  4. Hank_Hell

    Do you fold or crumble

    Your toilet paper. I fold but most seem to crumble. Folding is more efficient and cleaner. Maybe it takes more paper but what the heck.
  5. Hank_Hell

    Reset Minecraft Map

    Listen here fella that thing you called a broken wasteland is The Great Empire of Romania and we worked hard to get it to the point that it's at. Too many hearts have been broken, too much blood split, too much jizz expelled from our penis holes. Who are you? Never heard of you fella but you made an enemy this day. Go back to the village you came from and tell your elders of me so that they can scare the women and children with the telling of me.
  6. Hank_Hell

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    The Minecraft server we made was good
  7. Hank_Hell

    some banners i made

    hey i want one
  8. Hey, nice introduction! Welcome to the clan. In May of 1940 Germany invaded France, and within a month it had occupied the northern and western parts of the country. France was now ruled by a nationalistic and antisemitic puppet government, which collaborated with the Germans – the “Vichy regime”. Under German auspices, the Vichy regime nominally controlled all of France, even after the Germans broadened their occupation to include the southern areas, in November 1942. The regime limited Jews’ freedom of movement, isolated them from French society, undertook an exact registry of their persons, deprived them of their livelihood, confiscated their property, incarcerated many of them, and finally deported them to the sites of their murder, in full collaboration with the German authorities. In July 1940 the Vichy regime passed a law calling for the reexamination of the citizenship status of immigrants. The main victims of this statute were Jews. In August, a census was taken of all the foreigners living in Paris, and in September a statute was published calling for another census which would also include French Jews. Synagogues were ordered to hand over the lists of their members to the French authorities. A census of Jewish traders was conducted, and Jewish businesses were marked with bilingual signs in French and German, indicating their Jewish ownership. Many Jewish shopkeepers hung their medals of honor, received for service in the French Army during the First World War, next to these signs, in an attempt to emphasize their loyalty to France.
  9. Hank_Hell

    Leaving DEFY

    i dont play on the servers really but hope to see you in discord
  10. Hank_Hell


  11. Hank_Hell

    Creative Cooking

    Make salsa
  12. Hank_Hell

    What is your favorite Horror Movies?

    Exorcist 3 is unironically great.
  13. Hank_Hell

    The Departure of spicyravioli

    Get on VC every once in a while or i'll kill a homeless person.
  14. Would post this in the Minecraft section but it won't let me post there for some reason. It doesn't get as many people as the CSGO servers but we do have a dedicated community and a town that's been built up by a lot of people in the clan. Me, FSJAL, Spicy, Ch1n, Dark, Cheddar, Connor, and many others play on it all the time and we gotta good thing goin. The only problem is the lack of support. I get that Mark and whoever else can edit it is busy but its hard to maintain the town we've been building when the only thing we can sell is certain types of wood logs that go for about a cent a piece and we need 65 dollars every day so the town doesnt get deleted. We've talked about adding more misc items to the store like sand, feathers, things like this and Mark's approved of it but its been weeks and these things haven't been added so the town will most likely get deleted today or in the near future. I'm trying not to sound bitchy but the server really needs some support. I have no idea how hard it is to add items to the store because I know nothing about plugins in minecraft but if we can get it done that'd be great and we'd all appreciate it.
  15. Hank_Hell

    Tell me a fucking joke

    speak english
  16. Hank_Hell

    Tell me a fucking joke

    My great great uncle was one of those hobo fellas and he was in a small mining town i won't say the name of the mioning company for privacy's sake but it was called Mcnamer's mining company and it was in a small isolated town my great great uncle got to this town on a train because he was a hobo looking for work like almost everyone else in the town but the thing is hobos are strictly forbidden because they illegally ride trains meant for the transportation of goods and the man who enforces this law is called ol' leslie mcneilson when my great great uncle hector got to the company they wouldnt hire him but he convinvced them and they hired him thank god and he was really good but he got lonely so he went out to look for a girl to get with but the other miners told him that there were no women in this town and so they have sex with pigs needless to say my great great uncle hector was disgusted and refuse but days past and he got more and more lonely so he gave in and went to the nearest pig farm and started doing this hanous act but the other miners gathered around and said "what are you doing" and he said "what does it look like? im making love to a pig" and the miners said "thats not a pig thats ol' leslie mcneilson's wife!!!!"
  17. Hank_Hell

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

  18. Hank_Hell

    Have you completed 100 traps?

    yeah was easy
  19. Hank_Hell

    Pinky's Introduction

    i like gay people too
  20. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    no i hate that skank
  21. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    I don't see how someone who claims to be a fucking genius can have so little self awareness. I'm fucking done. Can't even comprehend the stupidity.
  22. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    i dont benefit shit because i dont give a fuck. i have a life. i dont talk about politics over the internet all day and even if i did my beliefs wouldnt be fucking stupid.
  23. Hank_Hell

    Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

    Yeah i'm a loser because i dont give a fuck about a gaming clan. Keep suckin' dick and trying to get admin everywhere. Get a life.

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