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  1. Blank

    I got the job

  2. i thought credits were just to buy t
  3. Blank

    Happy got a job???

    i disagree there is this great online currency called v bucks and i think that would benefit him more
  4. Blank

    Happy got a job???

    i work at popeyes
  5. Blank

    some banners i made

    i was not joking make me one with anime girls
  6. Blank

    some banners i made

    mark's is cool can you make me one with anime girls
  7. Blank

    1000 members

    if i get banned and removed member will there be 999
  8. Blank

    To all league players.

    i always found this game sooo boring fr
  9. Blank

    Leaving DEFY

    i've played with you like 4 times but you're agreat guy! yes trace was catfishing everyone but i saw through it
  10. Blank

    Creative Cooking

    order pizza
  11. Blank

    Defy SnapChat GC!

    damn you really trying to talk with these defy people on your own time
  12. Blank

    The origins of Defy names.

    my name used to be ninja i would add random things to it like stattrack ninja with the trademark thing it was pretty cringe.
  13. Blank

    The Departure of spicyravioli

    honestly we barely played together because i pretty much left as you started being active in the clan; but the few times i've seen you i bust a nut!

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