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  1. Yeah but the problem is you guys are lazy and when we are asking for the help nobody wants to get on and take care of it, it's a simple mute. By the time I download recording software, get the steam and file for a ban my ears and everyone elses ears will have to suffer untill one of you higher ups decide to get on and do something about it. Server Mods should have mute simply because it would make our lives easier, your life easier and the players can play in peace & not have to deal with mic spam and toxicity.
  2. Hello amigos, just felt like sharing my thoughts about being a server mod & what we could tweak to possibly make it a better experience for everybody. I feel that SM's should be allowed to mute players along with our regular SM powers, I feel that this is the only thing missing. It would be a lot more helpful for the community especially when there aren't enough higher ups to come on just for a mute. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. in-game Name: Defy | Lil_Serb Steam Id: STEAM_1:0:30085693 1:06:33 63 0 active 196608 How will you help improve DEFY?: By monitoring the server & help getting rid of freekillers, hackers, cheaters and toxic gamers. Which server would you like to become a staff for?: Defy JB Server Total time on selected server?: N/a Do you have a phone?: Yes Do you have teamspeak3/working microphone?: Yes Your Age: 20 Time Zone: Central Optional: I have previous admin experience from Counter-strike Source, I'm mature and I'm well aware of the server rules and just want to help out. I can't think of countless times I've been on the server and there were no admins on & fools acting up. Please take me into consideration, I won't let the community down.
  4. In-Game Name: Lil_SerbAge: 20What is your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:30085693 22:05 44 0 active 196608Why do you want to join DEFY: I would like to join because it is a nice small community, and I am very active in it. I want to help contribute especially because I know the rules very well and want to help enforce them within the community when admins are not on.Who invited you to DEFY: Psycho, Krim, Deadbolt, Weasel, everyone!Do you have Teamspeak3: YesMisc: I am very interested in joining the DEFY competitive Team & Also interested in becoming staff if there is an open position because I hate cheaters and free killers. I have previous admin experience from counter strike source.
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