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    welcome new player
  2. Ninja

    Did you know this?

  3. Ninja


    If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma you may to be entitled to financial compensation.
  4. from a diamond loki to a loki main please pick hydropower
  5. h y d r o p o w e r
  6. Ninja

    give me games to buy

    I sold my csgo skins and have $120 on steam now and I'm bored so give me games to play.
  7. The Last of Us is my favorite game of all time. Part 2 is going to be released at some point and now there's a gAMEPLAY REVEAL TRAILER im well aware that defy is filled with UNCULTURED SWINE but I sTILL NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD OF MY RELIGION
  8. Ninja

    Community Wide Meeting

    about 95% sure im gonna be sleeping still lolol
  9. Ninja

    I made it

  10. Ninja

    Serious Question

  11. Ninja

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    taco wants to play ARK soon, play with us. we play pretty op servers
  12. Ninja

    I got a 1080 Ti now

    july 2017
  13. Ninja

    DEFY Moving Forward

    wow the only thing less relevant then my #1 on mg
  14. Ninja

    When do your Finals end?

    I don't have finals for most of my classes. and I'm done with all school work already
  15. Ninja

    Half Off on Humble Bundle

    I have Siege. But I'm too bad to have fun. I can't see enemies.
  16. Ninja

    Play Minigmes More

    Minigames is the best server on Defy, play it more. Get off of TTT and play minigames, pls thx yw
  17. Ninja

    Other Games

    I'm making this post to gather people to play some games outside of CS:GO, if others would want to join. The first game, and main one that I'd want more people for, is Terraria. I was talking a little bit Seven about Terraria and he mentioned that he used to play it with Krim and that it would be cool to make some form of a "defy terraria world" so that got me to thinking about making this post. I'm not going to explain what it is or try to convince people to play, anyone who has the game, whether they are good or awful at it, can play. I'm personally just looking for people to play it with because I don't enjoy it by myself but I do with other people. Details can be decided on later, though it's probably just going to be a casual thing some of us can do together. The second game, and something I can't guarantee I'd let others play is The Forest. Again, I'm not going to explain what it is or try to convince people to buy and play it, but it's a fun game that is more fun with others. The thing about this, though, is that I already have 5 people that said they would play including myself. We won't all be on at the same time to play together a lot of the time so I may be open to letting others join, but very few. This probably won't be an issue though because I do not think anyone I know of on Defy has the game. If you're interested in either one reply to this post or message me about wanting to play. If for whatever reason I/we don't want you to play, I won't include you, however this will most likely not be the case for anyone. The Forest Steam Page Terraria Steam Page EDIT: Also if anyone is interested in playing rust let me know about that too. There's already 4 of us that play off and on. If anyone wanted we can form a clan and plan to play on a specific server as it wipes to rule over everyone. (some of us are pretty experienced, we'd destroy eZ)
  18. Ninja

    Other Games

    out of curiosity when did you start playing Rust? you played Legacy at all? (the old version of Rust)
  19. Ninja

    Other Games

    was going to edit the post to add rust but was way too lazy. if people wanna make a clan on a rust server I'm down.
  20. Ninja

    What's this?

    I mean, I said I thought it was on the map, but if he spawns with it then no.
  21. Ninja

    Emo, you better read this.

    he said play maps that aren't course maps.
  22. Ninja

    Emo, you better read this.

    Bring back the bacon map!! Only was able to play it once and that was with Krim.
  23. Ninja

    Favorite Games?

    Hehe, Wizard101. Gonna be playing that this weekend with my friend xd
  24. Ninja

    Favorite Games?

    I judge my top few games by the amount of emptiness I felt after finishing it. 1. The Last of Us - Holy fucking shit this game was amazing. I literally didn't feel whole if I wasn't doing something related to the game for nearly 2 weeks. 2. The Walking Dead - Had a really good story line and felt like you were a part of the story, however has become progressively worse. Most recent one was pretty awful imo. 3. I'm not going to say what this game is. I don't really want to be bullied. The rest of the games is just based off of how much fun I've ever had in them 4. Minecraft - Have more hours in this game then all my steam games combined probably. 5. Rust - Not had as much fun recently but have so many good memories playing this game. Base building, raiding, pvp, it's all super fun especially with the people I played with. 6. ARK - Hard to explain why I enjoyed this game so much. Just a really fun survival game, always played on pretty op servers with my friend. 7. The Forest - Only PvE survival game I've enjoyed. The horror part of it makes it so much fun. Running around dark caves with friends screaming at everything you see was tons of fun. 8. Final Fantasy 12 - Good RPG, Lots of nostalgia from it. 9. Lego Universe - THIS FUCKING MMORPG IS THE REASON I HAVE NO LIFE. THIS WAS THE START OF PC GAMING FOR ME. IT CLOSED DOWN BUT THIS GAME WAS THE SHIT 10. Smite - Fun MOBA, got pretty good at it. My favorite game that I can play anytime I'd really want too. CS:GO kinda sucks ngl, I really only play it to talk to people in all honesty. God of War just came out and will definitely be on this list in the future, however I have not played/seen it fully yet so it's TBD. Yes I felt the need to give my top 10 rather then top 5 because I actually enjoyed making this list.

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