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  1. In the time of me writing this I saw that my member was recently taken away, I'm not gonna sit here and bash on Mark or whoever made this decision because I haven't played in a good 2 months. I was intending on making this post in the first place but after seeing this I figured it'd be good now rather than just suddenly not talking forever afterward. Overall I just lost interest in CSGO as a game and as a whole and the fact I can't run the game at a steady rate it's annoying. So I just mostly stopped trying and moved on to just playing different games with irl friends in a sperate discord. I might hop on from time to time just to see how things are going or I might even come back when I get a new pc or I lose interest in other things. By the way, Mark. I'm sorry for ever giving you trouble from the start of me joining this community. From me to doing the daily gag thing to me getting admin just to leave due to inactivity and other personal family issues. As to other people that I'm not gonna list, thanks for being there during the fun times, you know who you are. Cya in another life, Your litte shithead himself, Connor
  2. RDM Again I wasnt looking
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