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  1. will there be blank cards and custom prompts like the last one.
  2. Eh, I don't know. I've been yelled at for cosmetic hisus on how some people have same player models and with different hats so it'd be fine and some others no its not. But at the same time this can be a solution to that with people wanting to use more so it can be clear cut. But it all comes down to player prefrence, if I assume these will still be only for vip then not that many will have a new player model. But again all down to player prefrence. So honestly it's pretty 50/50.
  3. I didn't know that people could make long posts for something so retarded.
  4. Glock best gun. Honestly should be a primary.
  5. Hey uhh it's good to have you back and all but, maybe try using just one color for a post. I'm gonna start having a fucking seizure in a moment lmao.
  6. Cya pip squeak, also don't be long like you did before k?
  7. bring back Zarak bro. I would be way fucking happier.
  8. So you've gone down the route of not caring anymore? Just by reading your replies is it safe to assume you don't care about this server either. Going through with this suggestion would be a great idea, not only that but it would greatly max out the player count up to 32 max all over the world. How about you sit down, read this over again, and give it a shot, or else we would just disappear into a faint nothingness of worthless server slots. You wouldn't want your vip money to go to waste would you?
  9. I can see the symbolism here. It would be easier to remove t's rather then focusing everyone's energy on trying to pin point everything that is unfair about the role, because everyone wants to abuse it while they can. I can understand why you didn't see this you mere fucking child. 😎
  10. Btw I wanna start doing defyalert again so tell people to follow me bc ill probably post them here

    1. Connor


      im looking at you mike

    2. Mike


      lol, I'm everywhere

    3. Connor


      then spread the word bitch im back

  11. If you're reading this, fuck you.

  12. If this is serious, this is a complete dumb fucking idea. You took literally the 3 things people spam use on ttt (minus the shield thing) and made it one op item t will honestly probably get spam bought by the people that have no fucking skill with guns so they have to use this shit to get kills. Homing Missiles are already bad enough which I also hate plus they get spammed way to fucking much, and to have it be shot at normal negev fire rate is stupid. To be honest the server probably couldn't handle it anyway.
  13. They grow up so fast... have a great day pal.
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