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  1. Connor

    Hi guys

    Hi step dad. I'm glad you came back and stopped smoking cigs and came to see your friends and your step son.
  2. Connor


    tbh downvotes would be ok to be allowed but it would be cool to have a blacklist system where forum mods can blacklist people from using downvote incase they just use it to mass downvote someone they don't like.
  3. people always dont use discord nor people arent in the discord so unlimited battery would be better.
  4. Cya pal, it's been great to see ya.
  5. Not really a videogame but it's a good one
  6. Sup QT, enjoy your stay.
  7. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/23921/beef-teriyaki/
  8. Im looking to play more things besides CSGO and Gmod, but I don't really have the money to but such games. I want to hear some free to play games I can enjoy.
  9. Razer fanboy over here.
  10. Connor


    I know you hate me, but i hope you have a good life man. You've been a nice dude to chill with.
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