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  1. Connor

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards Winners

    I want more god damnit no you gotta say. Thank you Trace, Very Cool!
  2. Connor

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards Pt. 2

    not Retired if you were demoted LOL (JOKE)
  3. Connor

    Hi I'm New

  4. I would kiss Puncake, Marry Mark, Kill Pdizzle
  5. Connor

    Who is the thickest member of defy?

  6. Connor

    Town of Salem Game Night

    I'm left.
  7. Connor

    What's your new years resolution?

    To not be much of a fucking pussy
  8. Connor

    DEFY - My Thoughts

    From the 9 and a half months I've been here the people are fun the admins are cool, but now a days are shit. Here's what I think should be worked on TTT - Having active Admins not just 1 everyday, and also the constant toxicity when people like me are on because people are more likely to target people like me. JB - Having people get kicked from the JB group if they are banned or known to rdm and break rules as CT MG - Nothing Murder - Nothing DarkRP - Nothing Minecraft - Inforce rules on the server and also don't make it so hard to fucking get money A Message from me - Dear DEFY, I love this community but, I think we need this community to be better in what its doing. I want to shoutout people that are wonderful in this community. Thanks to the people like @Dark @spicyravioli @Hank_Hell @Foxtrot @num3rical for being those funny mother fuckers, @Mark @PotatoStyle @Niall_Ferguson @incite @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle @pr0fs that take the time out of their day to moderate the servers almost everyday, and just those people that play the server Zach S, Puncake, Trace, dre, bowie, Yellow, Holik, Andrew, Blank, Humdin3r, Gucci Sam, Josh, Fedora, Lax, Assassin, PigOwner, Craig, Scatta, Carnage, Complexs, Sahlt, Ch1n, Tiger, Pulse, ReDrocket, Felix, Hannibal, 9iron, Reaper, Mega, Vessel, Sacred, The-Red-Dragon. Keep doing your shit folks sorry for the mass @ing but whatever. Goodnight - Jhaz | Connor | Rubyy | A Canadian Husky
  9. Connor

    DEFY - My Thoughts

    u are just forgot to add you
  10. Connor

    DEFY - My Thoughts

    im not saying that nothing should be done im saying that everything is good rn with murder, murder is good rn
  11. Connor

    I Overreacted

    Dark for Head of MC
  12. Connor

    Which DEFY member has the best profile picture?

    [NEIGHBOUR] you don't need verified if you have member
  13. Connor

    Favorite and least favorite state

    Favorite Provence of Colombia?
  14. Connor

    Which DEFY member has the best profile picture?

    Post in adminastrative request i want vet member
  15. Connor

    Boycotting DEFYcraft

    YES! the prices are so fucked you cant keep shit up. THE HISHEST SELLING BLOCK WAS $0.04 LIKE WTF
  16. Connor


    I never harassed him in any way when he did it I played it off as a joke cuz its TTT I don't really care and said I was gonna do a player complaint then he said bet. So I chaught him on it and said okay done now he is probably gonna get banned
  17. Connor


    he's being harassed because he is rdming and ghosting in game check me player complaint this is why I hate fucking TTT because I see TTT admins play other games and when i ask them to come on and help they don't do shit the only person that does is @Zach S
  18. Connor

    N Word Pt.2

    you guys take this shit way to seriously
  19. Connor

    N Word Pt.2

    I mean like people should be allowed to say whatever they what and be able to say what they believe in
  20. Connor

    N Word Pt.2

  21. Connor

    N Word Pt.2

    I mean freedom of speech so I feel like we should say whatever we want

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