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  1. Connor

    What's your excuse for being silver?

    I queue with Ch1n, Pdizzle, Fsjal, and Foxtrot most of the time do the rest.
  2. Connor

    make an overwatch section of defy

    I'm retarded what do you expect
  3. Connor

    I need a prof pic

    just use default profile picture 4Head
  4. dont pay attention to the title but yeah i want this to happen, because most people either want offensive jokes or actual porn on there. Not some fake fucking human animals have intercourse.
  5. Connor

    make an overwatch section of defy

    Gay/furry CS:S
  6. a bunch of under 18 kids look at nsfw channel all the time how does that matter
  7. i dont jack off to it, i mostly go into it is because there are some funny racist jokes in there.
  8. Connor

    Good cs skins

    nah your lieing it was your M4 Howl
  9. Connor

    Good cs skins

    AWP | Neo-Noir P200 | Ocean Foam Karambit | Doppler Ruby
  10. Connor

    The origins of Defy names.

    1. My first name was "Dragonborn305" because I played Skyrim at that age and my lucky number was 3 and I was born in 2005. 2. My Second name was "mr.3nd3rman05" because I played Minecraft when I got my Xbox 360 when I was 7, and I liked the Endermen in the game. 3. My next name was "Jhaz" because I played TF2 on a jailbreak server and there was a guy named "Chaz" and we got friendly, and I changed my name and he never got on again after. 4. My next name was "Connor" because that's my real name. 5. My next name was "A Canadian Husky" which is because I play on this DarkRP server and there was a real furry named "A Russian Husky" and we were friends and I changed my name, and he never gave a shit. He never got on after. 6. My final name is "Rubyy" because it's not that it is my gemstone (it isn't), it's because I liked the color and the name sounds cool. ❤️
  11. Connor

    liv's intro

    Don't give in to the gamer girls, they are a virus
  12. Connor

    Connor = Coldzera

    In Comp with @Zach and this happened -
  13. Connor

    Can the Minecraft server get some love

    Minecraft Event
  14. Connor

    I just made EZ Money baby!

    fuck you 2
  15. Connor

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards Winners

    I want more god damnit no you gotta say. Thank you Trace, Very Cool!
  16. Connor

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards Pt. 2

    not Retired if you were demoted LOL (JOKE)
  17. Connor

    Hi I'm New

  18. I would kiss Puncake, Marry Mark, Kill Pdizzle
  19. Connor

    Who is the thickest member of defy?

  20. Connor

    Town of Salem Game Night

    I'm left.
  21. Connor

    What's your new years resolution?

    To not be much of a fucking pussy
  22. Connor

    DEFY - My Thoughts

    From the 9 and a half months I've been here the people are fun the admins are cool, but now a days are shit. Here's what I think should be worked on TTT - Having active Admins not just 1 everyday, and also the constant toxicity when people like me are on because people are more likely to target people like me. JB - Having people get kicked from the JB group if they are banned or known to rdm and break rules as CT MG - Nothing Murder - Nothing DarkRP - Nothing Minecraft - Inforce rules on the server and also don't make it so hard to fucking get money A Message from me - Dear DEFY, I love this community but, I think we need this community to be better in what its doing. I want to shoutout people that are wonderful in this community. Thanks to the people like @Dark @spicyravioli @Hank_Hell @Foxtrot @num3rical for being those funny mother fuckers, @Mark @PotatoStyle @Niall_Ferguson @incite @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle @pr0fs that take the time out of their day to moderate the servers almost everyday, and just those people that play the server Zach S, Puncake, Trace, dre, bowie, Yellow, Holik, Andrew, Blank, Humdin3r, Gucci Sam, Josh, Fedora, Lax, Assassin, PigOwner, Craig, Scatta, Carnage, Complexs, Sahlt, Ch1n, Tiger, Pulse, ReDrocket, Felix, Hannibal, 9iron, Reaper, Mega, Vessel, Sacred, The-Red-Dragon. Keep doing your shit folks sorry for the mass @ing but whatever. Goodnight - Jhaz | Connor | Rubyy | A Canadian Husky
  23. Connor

    DEFY - My Thoughts

    u are just forgot to add you
  24. Connor

    DEFY - My Thoughts

    im not saying that nothing should be done im saying that everything is good rn with murder, murder is good rn

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