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  1. windslowmotion

    Is Defy Dead.

    I feel defy is kinda going down a little. Less people playing on the server and just all around not as good as it used to be in my mind. Even I have played the server a lot less
  2. windslowmotion

    how did u get ur name

    My name is from a song (assassins creed by smosh)
  3. windslowmotion

    Community Event Ideas

    A meetup sounds cool.
  4. windslowmotion


    Ive talked about this before a long time ago did you get this idea from me??????
  5. windslowmotion

    Ranked before 10 WINS???

    sem.... what a disgrace. lol jk (probably spelled that wrong and gonna get roasted because of thate)
  6. windslowmotion

    this some bullshit

    who is it?
  7. windslowmotion

    Hide in the Dark

    Yea or if its hide day you should be able to spawn anywhere
  8. windslowmotion


  9. windslowmotion

    Emo X Some_Person Fan-Fiction Teaser

    I don't blow
  10. windslowmotion


    I know its a little late for a introduction but why not. My name is windslowmotion. I have played on the Defy server a decently long time. Since late november. I haven't been on in the past few weeks because of broken leg(femur) fun right.
  11. windslowmotion

    Broken Leg

    idk but don't even trip dawg
  12. windslowmotion

    Broken Leg

    Hey, some of you might have noticed I have not been on in a little. The reason is, that I broken my left femur. I was at school outside playing some good ol games and killed the ball wrong hit the ground and then stuff went on from there. Im back now (obviously). no more school for me!
  13. windslowmotion


    HyperX headsets I use the Revolver.
  14. windslowmotion

    How to?

    Sorry have not seen that. Thank you
  15. windslowmotion

    How to?

    What is an easy way to get reps. Im not asking for reps but I just want to be normal member not junior member. I've tried everything I know

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