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  1. i think its fucking SEXY.
  2. Alright ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I am back I know I never left except for like two months LMFAO. But basically I want to explain why I was gone for such a long time and why no one ever received an explanation for it, so here it is. So around August 17th I think it was or whatever my last day was on the Jailbreak server or TT server the day after that I got into a severe crash. I was going down the Kennedy @dreknows what that is since he lives in Chicago but I was going around 70mph and a person in a pickup truck tried to switch lanes and I was in his blind spot and did not turn around to see if there was anyone in his blind spot and crashed into me making spin out and getting T-boned by an SUV much bigger then my car and sending me to the hospital for a long ass time. I got out about two weeks ago and have been going through physical therapy to start being able to sue all my muscles to there full extent again. I am around 2-3 weeks in and I finally felt up to making this article so everyone that knows me on here knows what happened to me. I am going to try to make my first appearance back this weekend probably Friday night after I am done with physical therapy around 8:30 central time. Luckily I am still alive I pray for that everyday and thank god nothing was taken away from me in about another three weeks I should be able to resume regular activity and should be able to start practicing for the rest of my cross country season heading into indoor baseball season. I would like to thank @PotatoStyle and @Mark for having patience with me about my return and allowing me to hopefully still be a junior admin while I get to learn the new rules and everything to go with the server while I was gone. Thank you to everyone that read this it means a lot to me!!!!
  3. ALO

    My Absence and My Comeback

    my bad Hindsight is 20/20 my friend how about junior admin lol
  4. ALO

    pdizzle is the new leader of defy clan

    Pdizzle is ugly tho
  5. ALO

    Hello Everyone!

    whats up newbie cutie dont forget to join discord
  6. ALO

    16th Birthday

    Happy birthday gay boy just seemed like yesterday when we were fucking around in NsG @Dark
  7. ALO

    TTT FAQ & Misconceptions

    Thank you mark for clarifying this was hella helpful
  8. ALO

    best nosc in TTT to date

    he on ur ass
  9. ALO


    hey big gay from NsG
  10. ALO

    Favorite Game

    tbh i really just loved this game it was the first one with jet packs or whatever they are called and I really enjoyed it. This would have to be my second favorite game, I remember getting Giratina. It was such a fun game.
  11. ALO

    Favorite Game

    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
  12. ALO


    damn i see u making them moves
  13. ALO

    DarkRP suggestions

    just give me a place and time
  14. ALO

    DarkRP suggestions

    can i be the town whore
  15. ALO

    Hi im num

    what up gay boy love u
  16. ALO

    Where the time go

    I love u never done keep up the good work dad
  17. ALO

    Game Ideas

    yeah tbh a really realistic battle royal
  18. ALO

    Game Ideas

    eating ass simulator 2069
  19. ALO

    hello there

    whats up old NSG buddy
  20. ALO


    whats up kryptic now known as exo
  21. ALO

    Yellow buy me csgo

    only if i wasnt poor too
  22. ALO


    Hola Como Estas
  23. ALO

    I made it

    damn daddy im proud of u Im still silver 1

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