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Found 7 results

  1. I feel like bees. is a good boy so he should go for admin. bees. for admin 2019.
  2. dont pay attention to the title but yeah i want this to happen, because most people either want offensive jokes or actual porn on there. Not some fake fucking human animals have intercourse.
  3. agrenade

    Dead Silence's Intro

    Hey, I'm agrenade *draws a grenade with a wand* And this is my Intro in the forums. I'm a guy. that's about all.
  4. Doomsdayguy678

    Doomsdayguys intro

    Hey guys so I am not really one for intros but I am doomsdayguy678 people call me doom I am 14 and I like to mess around and joke around about dumb things people do so dont do dumb things around me because you might not live it down.
  5. UWU


    Hello just got accepted as a member and I'm very happy. I hope to enjoy being member. Fetus Deletus.
  6. Ascent

    Ascents introduction

    Well hey there guys, its me ascent, ive just recently been accepted into defy and i am glad to be here. I am mostly going to be playing ttt in csgo, but i also play some comp matchmaking in counter strike. Im really happy to join you guys and hope to keep our servers fun to play. Ascent signing off, see you in the servers

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