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  1. Reasons to buff axe -=[ you're a traitor if you are seen with one so it is risky ]=- -=[ does knife damage and axes are stronger than knives ]=- How to buff axe -=[ more dmg B) ]=- How to balance the buff -=[ slower attack ]=- -=[ increase cost ]=- "yo the axe low key sucks" - PigOwner
  2. Hello everyone, I have a large executable file that customizes all of my current DEFY binds that I use on DEFY (both for TTT and MG). I figured I should both explain how to setup such a file and share my current binds. First I will show you how to make a bind, but to do this, you need to know how to open up the console. A very useful thing to be able to do is to have a file full of all the commands and binds you want, that way you don't have to manually retype them all if they ever get reset. In order to do this, you must be able to locate your CS:GO folder. You can do this by going into Steam > Right Click CS:GO > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files Here you should see files named bin, csgo, csgo_custom, etc. Go into the file "csgo", then go into "cfg". You will see that most of the files located in here end with ".cfg", meaning they are config files that contain commands to be run when they are executed. You can create your own file named whatever you want (no spaces). You should edit this file like a normal txt file, but the file extension should be ".cfg". and from there you're able to run all the commands within that file by typing "exec [filename]" (without .cfg). Once you do this, all you'll have to do to setup all your binds is type in that one command in console ("exec defy_callots" for example). I have linked my current defy_callouts file below, so you can see exactly what I do. (This is updated constantly). You will notice I use chat colors, which you can learn how to use here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V9NRrlbe6ssqcjBwfsphsNd3BEUhyOekMPKdIkDxodA/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Could the server possibly implement a timeleft command that shows when one person types in the command, it shows for everyone on the server, instead of everyone needing to type it in. I've seen servers on CS:GO, G-MOD, CS 1.6 have the timeleft command show up for everyone like I mentioned. SHOULD be an easy addition.
  4. I was playing ttt when my computer said "now is the time" and started an update. I tried to stop it and couldn't and it's taking ages. Please dont ban xD as soon as my pc comes back up I'll post the pictures links and rejoin.
  5. I was playing ttt when my computer said "now is the time" and started an update. I tried to stop it and couldn't and it's taking ages. Please dont ban xD as soon as my pc comes back up I'll post the pictures links and rejoin.
  6. As yall know, I am a very toxic person. lately I have tried to be less toxic because toxic players make other players toxic and I feel like I am a source of a lot of toxicity on the ttt server. I have reduced this by not using my mic and being more friendly in chat. Now I have time to think about what I am going to say and make sure it is worth typing out. I have also stopped talking as much in discord too. One more thing is that i used to be super stingy when it came to people rdming me or breaking rules and I am a lot more lenient now. If I get rdmed, all I want out of the player is acknowledgement and not slays (because I dont really get satisfaction from slays). Otherwise, I will ask for minimal punishment or let the admins decide. Welp, that is my take on being less toxic and making the community a cleaner and more fun place.
  7. Post detailing some new detective items i feel like would be cool Stim pistol - a usp or something that heals for 20ish hp per shot, sort of like Doc's stim in RB6 OHP - one hit protection, so you cant get awped from across the map or something like that Clone - fake detective you can stand somewhere that notifies you when someone shoots it, like Alibi's holograms from RB6 (not sure if this is even possible) Random ID - proves a random inno anywhere on the map to rule them out (this one is kinda iffy ill admit) Armor pack - drop a box with sets of 50 armor that like 5 or so people can pick up inno or T, also from siege... im sure you are sensing a pattern here Extra taser - pretty simple, i think you should be able to buy 1 more taser on top of the one you spawn with light armor - a lighter heavy armor, gives you about 125 armor and like 125 hp but only makes you a little bit slower and doesn't restrict your weapons, a substitute for heavy armor if you dont like being so chunky A few suggestions for detective items, as you can see i drew alot of parallels to siege but what can i say, there are really good items in that game. Feel free to leave your feedback positive or negative, if nothing else i hope it sparks conversation for some new items.
  8. So ive been using the locker for a couple weeks now and i personally feel like it might be a little OP, the fact that you can pull an awp or lmg for heavy out of it at any time and 3 times per round seems like a little much, i feel like it should either be a one time per round thing and/or remove the awp. I feel like it takes away from the exclusivity of the awp a little bit when on most of the maps there are only one or 2 awp spawns, and this is coming from someone who has access to the locker, not just coming from a point of frustration because i can't use it. Thoughts?
  9. My followup to MSWS's post about new T items, just a few more that i feel like would be cool Matches - A good cheap T item, more for the people who like to play their T rounds strategically and burn the bodies 1 hit nade - A good counter to people who clump up in small groups, sort of like a throwable C4 with a much smaller blast radius, would have to be relatively expensive Bump mine - Cool way to get around the map quickly, maybe to get a jump on the D or something 1 hit scout - a scout that 1 hits to the body, pretty self explanatory, maybe like 3 - 5 shots per purchase Taser shield - for purchase at the beginning of the round, makes it to where it just looks like the detective missed when he tases you Freeze D - freezes all the detectives in place for a few seconds so you can line up an easy headshot 1 hit USP - same as the scout, comes with a couple bullets just a few things i thought would be cool, some original some not, feel free to tell me if you think any of the ideas are good/stupid Making a followup post for some new detective items as well.
  10. Okay, here's 5 ways you can get better and not suck at ttt. Step 1: Don't cheat or hack. (Obviously lol) Step 2: Use your mic battery wisely, though it will recharge, you don't want to waist it. Step 3: (If you're T) Use the best weapon at your disposal, like an AK or M4. Step 4: Follow the D once you're proven Innocent by him/her. Step 5: (Also if you're T) If you don't have an automatic weapon, or just have an SSG or AWP, go to a T room to get an automatic weapon, there will usually be an AK or M4, there can also be an AUG or SG (scoped automatic guns) I hope this was useful to all of you guys, With love to all NobleSol
  11. Whoever has played TTT when I am "jumpy" on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate my panicking screams lol
  12. My parents don't want me talking to strangers, I understand why and simply I won't be able to play that much anymore. I'm sorry to anyone who I've been mean to in the past. I'm leaving for a while, I'll still be active on discord Arkzy#8315. I wish this didn't happen but, it did so I'll be taking a time off. -Arkzy
  13. In your opinion, what is the best strat for T's on TTT? In my opinion, negev and heavy armor is very formidable.
  14. The first time I joined the server I clicked 5 that I already knew the rules because I have read them before hand, and the game keeps telling me to click server website on the leaderboard but the button just takes me to a blank page and I cant get it to stop auto-kicking me. Pls Help
  15. I still think the TTT Voice Battery is a good addition for when there is more than 16 people on, but it has some annoying problems that just about everyone agrees on. Here are some easy fixes that will make playing TTT with more than 16 people slightly more bearable: Reset Voice Battery after every round. - It is so annoying that we have to deal with the voice battery being consistent after rounds end. Like if my voice battery is around 10 to -10% as the round ends and I am alive, I will still have that amount and there is not much time to explain to everyone who is screaming at me: "wHy DiD yOu KiLl mE!?!?" Disable Voice Battery from draining before rounds start. - Just like my reset suggestion. Even if I have 100%, by the time I'm done explaining whatever, I start the round with 10%. Also extremely annoying. Voice Battery should only go down during the round. Disable Negative Voice Battery(?) - I'm kinda iffy on this. I remember this was added without any mention of what it is or how it works in the changelogs (Thanks, Mark), so I have know idea how it works. Basically, I guess it sometimes goes down to negative percents when you talk below 10%. And sometimes, people can hear me when I'm at negative voice battery but I can never tell. To be honest, if this is really all it is or until we get a proper explanation on how it works, it should just get removed. It's useless. It does no good when you have to wait even longer to talk again when it goes down to negative. Just make 0% the cut-off point, and refill from there. This is one of the most useless and frustrating features of TTT that makes me want to pull a classic AVGN.
  16. This is gonna be a personal idea but The "T Baiting by Shooting" rule. -I feel like this is abused by many players because someone may shoot a breakable item next to them (Happens often on community_bowling) and someone can KOS like that. The "High Suspicion Kill After Overtime" -This is a problem since people will high sus someone off of dumb reasons. Such as shooting in general, breaking windows, off of KOSing an alive inno, (its happened before) and etc. The "Dectective Without Mic" rule. -I know @Flyte already talked about it but he is right. It isn't enforce and people can say its because admins aren't enforcing it. A way we can fix this is by making a message when people join saying "Do you have a working mic currently?"
  17. Heavy is way too overpowered for its price, one awp shot does only about 20 damage, it'd make the heavy a lot more baance if it costed about 175-200.
  18. This can be anything, whether is your favorite rule to loophole or break, or something you like to do that upsets people. Personally, I get a good laugh whenever I have a conversation with my T buddy and discuss our plans on open mic where everyone can hear us. It just hilarious when we say "Oh, there's a guy here. Do you want me to kill him or you?" and then we kill them. I imagine how mad they must be when they got killed after the Ts were talking about killing them and no one giving a single shit shit. It's honestly the best thing. Plus, nobody can't do anything besides hi-sus you when you literally say "All right, bucko, I'm gonna kill you. Stand still please." and immediately ID their body. Basically one of the reasons I still play TTT after all this time. It's just so fun to see other people suffer when you're T. also i like to target and rdm assassin every round
  19. Every time I have Innocent I am never looking to buy and ID, but a lot of the time I end up buying it by accident. If we could move the healthshot to the first slot for the innocent menu to keep a consistency with the detective and the traitor menu it'd be easier to buy a healthshot off of instinct and make it a lot easier to manage in a tense situation like a traitor shooting at you. I am not the only one who has had this problem and I feel like a simple swap of the menu items would make a large difference.
  20. I always see people KOSing off of association on TTT, which is basically killing Ts for acting docile toward other Ts who are KOS. I have know idea where this came from and everyone including some admins say that this is a thing. But I looked everywhere on the rules and nowhere does it say that you are able to kill off of association. So, is this allowed or not? Because this is not a real rule.
  21. Nobody likes the music, and people activate it to make everyone else mad.
  22. Sorry if this is a bit similar in title to Josh's post but I wanted to add this real quick. I notice Mark updates the rules sometimes as I follow him on the forums, but it would help if we could get posts in the CS:GO club about any updated rules. It seems like Mark just expects us to reread the entire rules section every week and I do not like this. Forum posts of new rules actually used to be a thing in the News section when Emo, Zarak, and Duke used to be admins but are now nonexistent. What happened? There was absolutely nothing wrong with this and I have not the slightest clue why this was stopped. Almost always I don't know which rules were updated or changed as Mark gives no indication of this. So please, we would all like the head admins to be more verbal with things like this. I really don't want to play the guessing game when it comes to new rules.
  23. !!! PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST SO YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT IN THE COMMENTS !!! About a month ago I made this post: Some of my ideas were a bit far fetched, I admit. So for now, I put the main focus on adding maps, but there are still some maps that I still think should be removed (the full explanation will be below). Now to start off, since nobody mentioned this part of the original post, I'll put a bit more emphasis on this particular topic: jb_castleguarddev_v5 & jb_renegade_v5: Basically, these maps are very similar in that they have the same textures and games as each other, but both have different layouts. Go ahead and load up these maps or click the embedded links and you'll see why. Honestly, I like these maps, and they are kind of underplayed. So whichever one you like more, vote for it on the poll. Personally, I like jb_renegade_v5 better, but you guys can choose. And whatever map is the least liked there, should probably get removed. My main reason why one of these should be removed is because we really shouldn't need two nearly identical maps into the JB map pool. Both maps are really great and fun to play, but one should go. Now onto maps I think should be added (Note that most of this is copy and pasted from the original post Now onto the maps that I want removed. In the list, you can see that there are some that I removed from the previous list. I took a bit more consideration into these for one main reason. It would be a lot easier to actually fix maps with problems then to just simply remove them, as I stated here on @ChauKlet's post on ttt_closequarters: As last time, please share your opinions with this post as it will help Mark decide if any of the maps should be added/removed. Thank you for taking the time to read the whole post.
  24. I think that the DefyClan servers should switch to Prime Only. There are way too many new players coming onto Defy without reading rules. At many times there will be too many players on that are new, that it just creates pure chaos even with many server admins on and active. Many players will try to talk over one another creating a spam of voice chat that no one can understand. It dulls the experience of the game-play. Furthermore, recently the server seems to be lagging a lot for all players in which could be a result to all the new players that get on and join. Sure, this discourages new players, but it keeps the ones that love the server from coming back. Defy has a fantastic community, but it's hard to enjoy that community with all of this non-sense going on around it. Obviously this doesn't have to be acted upon, I'm just venting my emotions and opinions on the server where I don't have to yell over everyone. ???
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