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  1. This can be anything, whether is your favorite rule to loophole or break, or something you like to do that upsets people. Personally, I get a good laugh whenever I have a conversation with my T buddy and discuss our plans on open mic where everyone can hear us. It just hilarious when we say "Oh, there's a guy here. Do you want me to kill him or you?" and then we kill them. I imagine how mad they must be when they got killed after the Ts were talking about killing them and no one giving a single shit shit. It's honestly the best thing. Plus, nobody can't do anything besides hi-sus you when you literally say "All right, bucko, I'm gonna kill you. Stand still please." and immediately ID their body. Basically one of the reasons I still play TTT after all this time. It's just so fun to see other people suffer when you're T. also i like to target and rdm assassin every round
  2. I always see people KOSing off of association on TTT, which is basically killing Ts for acting docile toward other Ts who are KOS. I have know idea where this came from and everyone including some admins say that this is a thing. But I looked everywhere on the rules and nowhere does it say that you are able to kill off of association. So, is this allowed or not? Because this is not a real rule.
  3. !!! PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST SO YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT IN THE COMMENTS !!! About a month ago I made this post: Some of my ideas were a bit far fetched, I admit. So for now, I put the main focus on adding maps, but there are still some maps that I still think should be removed (the full explanation will be below). Now to start off, since nobody mentioned this part of the original post, I'll put a bit more emphasis on this particular topic: jb_castleguarddev_v5 & jb_renegade_v5: Basically, these maps are very similar in that they have the same textures and games as each other, but both have different layouts. Go ahead and load up these maps or click the embedded links and you'll see why. Honestly, I like these maps, and they are kind of underplayed. So whichever one you like more, vote for it on the poll. Personally, I like jb_renegade_v5 better, but you guys can choose. And whatever map is the least liked there, should probably get removed. My main reason why one of these should be removed is because we really shouldn't need two nearly identical maps into the JB map pool. Both maps are really great and fun to play, but one should go. Now onto maps I think should be added (Note that most of this is copy and pasted from the original post Now onto the maps that I want removed. In the list, you can see that there are some that I removed from the previous list. I took a bit more consideration into these for one main reason. It would be a lot easier to actually fix maps with problems then to just simply remove them, as I stated here on @ChauKlet's post on ttt_closequarters: As last time, please share your opinions with this post as it will help Mark decide if any of the maps should be added/removed. Thank you for taking the time to read the whole post.
  4. Well hey there guys, its me ascent, ive just recently been accepted into defy and i am glad to be here. I am mostly going to be playing ttt in csgo, but i also play some comp matchmaking in counter strike. Im really happy to join you guys and hope to keep our servers fun to play. Ascent signing off, see you in the servers
  5. Should we add a lobby to TTT? Adding a brief intermission inbetween the rounds, (Like 30 seconds?) and after those 30 seconds are up, Players are spawned onto the map with 10 seconds to grab a gun, and the round starts, ends, rinse and repeat. What is the benefit of adding a lobby? Adding a lobby with things to do like surf, or bhopping would be a neat addition to the server so that it isn't just waiting around for a round to end, or a round to start. What I mean by this is that it can be very boring to sit and watch other players have fun. When you die, you can be tp'd up to the lobby and do something there. It will add a spice to the mode that other servers haven't caught onto yet.
  6. The DEFY TTT server has been increasing in quality overall, the players are becoming less toxic, the community is involved but it's not entirely making up what the server is, so new people show up and make it fun too, I have pretty much nothing to complain about, by far my favourite TTT server, keep up the fun environment folks! (Not to mention the maps are great, and if I knew of any good maps I'd recommend but I've got bad map opinions)
  7. Option 1 Remove the ability to buy T rounds for the next round since this is the main issue as to why many players do not get Traitor rounds. Keep buying Traitor Instantly, since this does not affect the chances of becoming Traitor. The price of purchasing instant Traitor would be raised so that you would likely only be able to buy it once per map on average. Option 2 Remove Instant Traitor and Traitor for next round completely.
  8. I think that T's should be allowed to repeat kos as long as they weren't the first to call it. I just went through a game where one person told everyone to kos 1 t that is kos and whoever didn't call kos is killed. That's not how this game should be played and I think a t should be allowed to throw another t under the bus to win the round. t's are traitors after all.
  9. so basically i’m retiring really really soon and i just wanted to say bye. i made so many memories with you guys since i joined the clan in summer ‘17 and while i’m not str8 up leaving like the other half of the dynamic duo (@flacid shell), dre day is over, and my time being admin is pretty much over. to mention some of my fav ppl thank u @pr0fs for being the chillest dude i’ve ever worked with in my life, @PotatoStyle for introducing me to osu and how to be a good admin, @Never Done and @Seven for harassing me to join defy, @Mark for being such a great guy to talk to (you keep it interesting c; ), yung @Trace for having the coolest AK skin i’ve ever seen still, and for just being amazing overall, @Bowie for carrying me in comp and being one of the best jb admins there are, @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle for being the goofiest hoe to keep me up all night talking about stupid shit, @Krim for showing me how abusing admin for the greater good works, because he always looked out for the guy who died at the beginning of the course map, @Connor for being a hoe, @Dark for being a major hoe, maybe one day you’ll become a model citizen ;( , @Puncake @Hank_Hell @Foxtrot @spicyravioli for the late night conversations, @Clyde for being the most dependable bot i’ve ever seen. i know you’ll always have my back dude. i’d like to thank @Zach S for being the only TA other than @Trace who i’d approve of becoming defees greatest ttt admin, and @daddynoscope for being the father figure i never knew i needed. @Zarak frick u dirty hacker, have fun w ur cwb @Ninja maybe one day you’ll come back, plz get not banned all in all, i love all of you, i love our memories, and any of you can hit me up on discord, steam, probably instagram (because everyone already knows what i look like and where i live smh) and yeah, byeee. mixtape droppin 2019 look out for it
  10. Now I know that some of you disagree, but here me out. I'm not talking about your personal space being a whole room. Personal space should be knifing distance. There is nothing more annoying than being detective and having a dude jumping on you and you can't even id them. I think you should give 3 warnings before killing them. It just stresses me out. lemme know if you agree or disagree and why.
  11. I was going to add this onto Num3rical's post, but decided to make my own about this. This may or may not be possible yet, but if it is, this would be perfect for JB and TTT. Add fists into JB -In the CS:GO battle royale, people usually spawn with fists when they don't have any weapons. I think this would be pretty cool for JB. No, this would not replace the knifes. In fact, just think of this as just another "weapon" that Ts can use, only that it does less damage than the knife. Most of the JB maps usually have a knife or two in every cell, so everyone would still be able to use them as normal. And with the new feature, knifes can be droppable if Ts want to use those. Plus, I think adding the fists would be useful for new types of games, for example, we could actually utilize the boxing arenas that are common on most JB maps to have actually boxing matches instead of just knife fights, which I think could be very cool. Add other melee weapons to JB -There are also wrenches, hammers, and axes as melee weapons in the game now. So as I stated with the fists, it just gives more options for melee weapons for Ts as well as the potential for any new games that can be made up using them. Add parachutes -Remember Hank's amazing post about hang gliders? Well there might actually be a way now to sort of get them into JB and TTT. DZ also has parachutes that you can use and equip. I don't know how they work completely since I haven't played DZ much, but it's a convenient addition for an old suggestion (without the use of any huge plugins, hopefully). Add Droppable Money (Credits) -I think this might be the best addition to all the servers if this gets added. In DZ there is a money item that you can pick up and add to your buy-balance. If anyone has played any gamemode on CS1.6 or CS:S before, you would know that there are plugins that have players drop a mushroom or some item that you can press E on or walk over to pick up as a certain amount of credits. If there was a way to make the money item that's in the game now into droppable credits, it would be a great feature. With this, that means that anyone can pick up these credit items so you'll have to be quick to grab them before someone else does (just like in CS1.6 and CS:S), which gives a new kind of competition in credit collecting than just raffling.
  12. Does anyone know how or if it's possible to set up vip locker menu binds? It's tiring trying to click through all of the pages and I only ever use a few guns.
  13. I'm gonna say it plain and simple without trying to get too much off topic. The biggest problem on TTT as of late has been the insane amount of people on almost everyday. Now you all might think I'm crazy for saying something like this, and I would agree with you, but there's a bit more to this that is caused by having 15+ players daily. Before I get into more detail: is this a bad thing for our server? Absolutely not. In fact there has been a total of 20 TTT-related member applications filed in just this month alone and that is pretty impressive. Our clan has grown a lot and I'm pretty proud of that, considering most of these new members (mostly notably in my biased opinion, Incite) have been really cool guys who I like to play with from time to time. But the point I'm trying to make is that TTT can get overcrowded at times. In result of this, my main gripe with TTT lately (and also why I haven't been playing much lately) was because of this: when there is constantly 15+ players on in the "evening rush," things tend to get ridiculous. And loud. You can't go 3 seconds without at least 3 people talking over each other, giving out random hi-suses for just looking at people. And especially when there is like 10 people talking at once (before rounds is when this is very common), you can barely hear yourself think. On top of that, you'd have a better chance seeing NsG | KRYPTiC actually staying in a clan for more than 1 week than to hear a KOS when innocents are too busy hi-susing each other for walking funny. Don't get me wrong, I still like to play TTT, but its very hard to play when nobody really takes the hi-sus system seriously and that certainly doesn't make the experience fun. And I'm sure you all know how salty I get when I scream a KOS on someone 5 times in a row and still no one hears it as most of the time some kids rather have a circlejerk by the T room every round, and if you in a situation like that I'm sure you would understand. Now the reason why this isn't a suggestion post is because any suggestion that could fix this issue would only make TTT even more less fun to play. Like for example, you would think a good way to fix this would be to just mute people, right? Wrong. While I do agree this would fix the problem, it would only start more. TTT is meant to be played with voice chat on, in fact it's almost impossible to fully play it with it off. Muting people takes away people ability to actually KOS, or actually use clues and evidence to find out who the traitors are. Yes, I do think people can get annoying a lot and it does get on my nerves when valid gameplay hints go unheard over a barrage of screaming, but voice chat is a necessary evil for TTT to even work properly as a game. In conclusion, this isn't really a suggestion but more of me just venting and sharing my concern with TTT this past month. No new rules would fix this problem, but we should all consider this: TTT has to be taken at least somewhat seriously to work. Yeah, what a hypocritical thing for me to say, so think about this: what if instead of the current vomit cesspool that is currently the TTT voice chat, everyone was giving valid hi-sus for actual traitorous acts, the detective actually lives up to their name and helps the innocent team find who the traitor is instead of zeusing the first person they see and call it a day, and people actually use some logical thinking and piece together actions of certain people to certain events in a round. Nice to think about, but a fantasy nonetheless. One thing in this world that is unchangeable is stupidity, not everyone is an idiot but sometimes there's a way to be something greater than just a false-KOS parrot. I'm really trying my best to be civil and rational here, trust me. Again, my point here is that TTT can only work when people actually work together for a common objective instead of hi-susing the first person you see walking around the map. A little word called teamwork, something everyone seems to have forgotten about lately.
  14. Can we play on CS:GO again sometime? It's just kinda sad that everyone is just playing Minecraft now, and the servers are just left being unloved. Surprisingly, TTT and JB aren't dead, but most of the admins haven't been actively doing their jobs lately, leaving the servers just a shitty cesspool of freekillers and RDMers. I know the Minecraft server was my idea in the first place, but can we at least go on CS:GO once in a while and show that we aren't just a 24/7 Minecraft clan anymore?
  15. In-Game Name: ✪ zeus Age: 14 Steam ID: https://steamcommunit Discord Username?: dr.zesu#9093 Why do you want to join DEFY?: becuase i love the servers and its so much fun also the comunity isnt toxic and iv been member befor Who invited you to DEFY?: Mark,emo,potato Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes Do you agree to wear the Defy tag at all times upon being accepted? Yes
  16. TTT New rule: Detectives can't be detectives without a working/proper mic. This was already a rule, but was not clearly explained or shown to players so here it is!
  17. I don't know if this has been posted yet, (mostly because I'm too lazy to look through forums, but what if we had special rounds once a map? Once a map, a notification would pop up, saying Special Round? 1. Yes 2. No. If no, continue the match normally. If yes, then a random special round would be chosen, such as: (just examples) - Team Deathmatch, Half of the server is detectives, other half is traitors - Deagle Round, All players required to use Deagles only - Tazers for Days, All players spawn in with tazers (traitor testers), round continues normally - Low Gravity, Gravity is lowered to 50% for the entire round - Desert, Each player may only use one clip from their gun - Special Snowflake, One innocent spawns in as "special" in chat, and the goal is for the innocents to protect the snowflake from traitors. If he is killed, they lose. If he survives, or all traitors are killed, they win. - Knife Me Daddy, free-for-all knife fight - Catch the Ball, infinite grenades free-for-all - Bomb, Anyone?, traitors can only plant 5 C4, while innocents stay blinded, objective for innocents is to defuse all 5 of the Ts planted C4 within 2 minutes (amount of C4 depends on amount of players) - ALLAHU AKBAR, every player is equipped with Jihad Bomb, round continues normally So on so forth. I think I saw this in another TTT server, but I just remembered it.
  18. I had an idea earlier today that i think could be cool. A Level System Have certain levels have certain perks like extra health, or Shop credits multipliers ( Not the Shop with all the Hats and stuff but the Traitor,Inno,Detective Shop) and maybe extra grenade slots for those people that actually use grenades Level 1 : 0-250 kills as T Level 2 : 251-750 kills as T Level 3 : 751-1250 kills as T and so on.... Levels 1-5 : 0% More Health Levels 6-10 : 10% More Health Levels 11-20 : 20% More Health The Health Boost end at level 20 so nobody too op. Even thought how i made it it'll be hard to level up to that level. Levels 1-5 : 1x Credit Multiplier Levels 6-10 : 1.5x Credit Multiplier Levels 11-20 : 2x Credits Multiplier and so on.... You get the point. Let me know what you think of my idea and tell me your opinions. Also tell me what would also be good to add if this Level System is added.
  19. We Need a TTT Map that takes place in a Prison. It needs a Armory A wardens room T secrets A prison yard. You guys get the idea.
  20. I've been playing on popular TTT servers briefly the last few days and realized what really sets our server apart, the lack of content. It's not a bad thing that our server is simple because some people like the simplicity. But if we really want to attract a wider audience, adding content to be up to par is the best option. The truth is players want content, not fast downloads. I would like to know everyone's opinions and thoughts. (Personally with the player models I think we have taken a step in the right direction)
  21. I have an idea to kind of throw off the regular rigamarole of the game. Spice it up if you will! These rounds would only happen say, once per map. Specialty Rounds: Detectives V. Traitors Two Teams: Detectives and Traitors. When you die you switch teams. You keep playing until the last person dies on the opposing team! Free For All: Everyone is Traitor and the last person remaining gets a bonus amount of points. Double Points Round: This round happens early off on a map rotation in order to boost people's points, so that they can take full advantage of the /shop function later in the game.
  22. Whenever you are T and inside close quarters and your T Buddy is present... And when you go to shoot, you accidently kill your t buddy and get auto slayed. Friendly fire for T's shouldn't be enabled because this can get annoying and ruin both of the Traitors rounds because of one dumbass who got in the way. This will prevent so much team killing and prevent even people who rdm their T buddies on purpose. -Zarakattack
  23. I'm lonely. I got home really late tonight and I hopped on PC to hopefully play some TTT and everyone was gone. RIP. Y'all gotta get some later bedtimes.
  24. I'm curious to know where most DEFYClan Members spend their time! I want to get to know as many of you guys as possible.
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