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Donating Skins or Keys for VIP

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Donating Skins or Keys for VIP


How many skins or keys needed to purchase VIP?

Bronze VIP: 3 Keys or CS:GO skin worth $8 per Month

Silver VIP: 5 Keys or CS:GO skin worth $14 per month

Gold VIP: 12 Keys or CS:GO skin worth $30 one time then Gold VIP renewals would cost 6 keys or CS:GO skin worth $16


How do I purchase VIP with skins or Keys?

Send DEFY | Mark a trade offer(https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=69889418&token=kQEeJI8L) on steam with a trade message of either Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, or Gold VIP.


How many months of VIP will I receive?

The above prices will give you 1 Month of VIP. Gold VIP has a one time payment of 17 keys or $45 worth of skins which will give you Gold VIP for 3 months and then a recurring cost of 6 keys or $16 worth of CS:GO skins. 


Once I send the trade offer, how long will it take to receive the VIP perks?

VIP perks will be issued within 8-24 hours max.


Why does buying VIP with skins or keys cost more than paying with real money?

Skins and keys require extra processing and the market value of them changes.

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