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Many members have been asking how do you rank up within the Defy Roster. I am happy to announce the new promotion system and the benefits of getting a higher Member rank. So we have three member ranks Junior Member, Senior Member, and Veteran Member. Each member rank now has its own forum group this means that the forums became a lot more colorful, if you have not yet noticed.


How to advance through our ranks:


  • Senior Member
    • Reach Junior Member
    • Must be in DEFY for 3 months or more
    • Must represent the community well(Friendly, mature, Know the rules, not toxic, etc) 
    • Obtain 25+ Forum Rep
    • Click Here to fill out this form and request a Promotion once you have met the Senior Member requirements. Please note you may not be promoted if we feel you do not meet bullet point #3.


  • Veteran Member
    • Reach Senior Member
    • Must be in DEFY for 1 year or more
    • Obtain 50+ Forum Rep
    • Click Here to fill out this form and request a Promotion once you have met the Veteran Member requirements.


Can I get demoted?

Members may be demoted at anytime if we feel they do not represent the community well.


What are the benefits of a higher member rank?

  • Junior Members can have images in signatures
  • Junior Members can give 3 reactions per day
  • Senior Members can now give 5 reactions per day
  • Senior Members+ can upload animated profile pictures
  • Senior Members+ can upload 100kB profile pictures
  • Veteran Members can now give 10 reactions per day


How do you gain reputation on the forums?

View the below post as it will help you get a higher member rank.




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