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The best gmae ever made

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Nothing can compare to the majesty and perfection of KISS: Psycho Circus. KISS: Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child is a first person shooter computer game developed by Third Law Interactive and published by Gathering of Developers for the PC in August 2000. It was also released later that year for the Dreamcast (using Windows CE) following a port by Tremor Entertainment. The game is based on Todd McFarlane's KISS: Psycho Circus series of comic books, themselves inspired by the rock band KISS. KISS: Psycho Circus was the first game to be developed by Third Law Interactive, themselves having recently formed in December 1998 after a widely publicized mass walkout from Ion Storm. Versions for the PlayStation and the Game Boy Color were planned, but were later canceled. The PC version of the game was done on an enhanced version of the Lithtech engine, licensed from Monolith Productions. Just refund CS:GO already and buy a masterpiece that could rival Garfield Kart today!

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This is such a false statement. Every human being knows that Ricochet will reign superior than all these games that falsely claim, "The best gmae ever."

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