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Staff Interest Form Inquiry - Guardixn


Hello, this is Guardixn, a member of the TTT server. I've decided to apply for Admin because I love the community, and there's not a lot of admin traffic going into TTT, so it can get pretty hectic. Trial-Admin Josh has been doing what he can, and a good job of it, and I would love to join them. The issue I'm having is that on the application form, it requests me to type in the name of an admin that would recommend me. The thing is, while I know a lot of people on the TTT server, none of them are actually real admins, so I don't know of any that would recommend me. Would I be able to just fill in Josh's name, and call it done? Or should I wait to get to know a current admin first?


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, 


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It says "If any" it's not a required thing, you can just skip it if you wish.

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