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The Most Kickass Introduction your Mortal Eyes Will Ever Fall Upon

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What's happening? I will tell you what is happening! You just made the best choice for your free time for the next 5 minutes. So sit down and relax, because instead of telling you about who I am I will be sharing all the knowledge I know about the Battle of France.


It started when Adolf "Asshole" Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. At the time Germany was not in a good economic standing, and Hitler promised to reverse the Treaty of Versailles, expand Deutschland to its former glory and pull the country out of the world-wide economic depression known now as the Great Depression. All of this sound good to the German people so he had plenty of support. So in order to gain Lebensraum, or "living space" Germany invaded an area in Czechoslovakia called the Sudetenland, which was mostly occupied by German folk. And France and Britain basically said," OK, you can have that but no more." To which Hitler was like," Well I'm gonna take this." and the French and British would say the same response. This was known as appeasement, which didn't work. So know that Hitler had the Sudetenland he needed more so he annexed Austria, which accepted him with open arms. Then he invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia. Stalin was getting worried so he and Hitler made an agreement to attack Poland and split it 50/50. When Poland was occupied Germany continued to advance into Denmark, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. With Belgium being poorly defended on the French border France was collectively shitting itself. So France and Britain said that they would declare war if Germany attacked Belgium. And Germany attacked Belgium, war was declared and nothing happened for a while. This period where war was declared but not a lot happened it known as "The Phony War". During this time British and French forces pushed to meet the Germans in Belgium. But sneaky, sneaky Hitler pushed forces through the Ardennes forest and encircled the Allies in Belgium. The Allies were pushed to Dunkirk where a lot of British troops were evacuated. But, the damage was done, France was weak and German forces captured France and the newly captured country operated as a puppet state. It would be Liberated later in the war by British, American, and French resistance forces.

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By far the most intense introduction ever.

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Hey, nice introduction! Welcome to the clan.


In May of 1940 Germany invaded France, and within a month it had occupied the northern and western parts of the country. France was now ruled by a nationalistic and antisemitic puppet government, which collaborated with the Germans – the “Vichy regime”. Under German auspices, the Vichy regime nominally controlled all of France, even after the Germans broadened their occupation to include the southern areas, in November 1942. The regime limited Jews’ freedom of movement, isolated them from French society, undertook an exact registry of their persons, deprived them of their livelihood, confiscated their property, incarcerated many of them, and finally deported them to the sites of their murder, in full collaboration with the German authorities.

In July 1940 the Vichy regime passed a law calling for the reexamination of the citizenship status of immigrants. The main victims of this statute were Jews. In August, a census was taken of all the foreigners living in Paris, and in September a statute was published calling for another census which would also include French Jews. Synagogues were ordered to hand over the lists of their members to the French authorities. A census of Jewish traders was conducted, and Jewish businesses were marked with bilingual signs in French and German, indicating their Jewish ownership. Many Jewish shopkeepers hung their medals of honor, received for service in the French Army during the First World War, next to these signs, in an attempt to emphasize their loyalty to France.

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