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[Accepted] BillyBobJrVI's Member Application

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  • In-Game Name:
  • Steam ID64
  • Age:
  • Discord Username?:
  • Why do you want to join DEFY?:
    I really enjoy playing on your TTT server in CS:GO. If I could contribute in making it more enjoyable for myself or other players in any way then I would be glad to.
  • How did you find our clan?
    Community Server Browser
  • What do you think we can improve on?
    One thing that is a bit frustrating for me is when I have been playing for maybe a couple hours and only been the traitor or detective a couple of times. I think there could be a way to make a code that increases a players' chance of getting a special character role. I was thinking that for every round a player receives the innocent role their % chance of getting a special character role goes up 5-10%. Obviously this kind of thing is easier said than done but I think it would be a great way to keep the game interesting for everybody.
  • What are your first impressions of DEFYclan?
  • Who invited you to DEFY?:
  • Would you like to change your username or keep it?
    Keep my username
  • New Username
  • Have you read our server rules & community standards?
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I would like to inform you that you have been accepted into DEFY as a Junior Member. You may add "Defy | " to the beginning of your name by clicking here.


If you have not yet introduced yourself click here! Don't be shy, we won't bite :)

If you have not joined our discord server yet! https://discord.gg/N22t8Mn

  • Once you have the Verified Role on discord you can type !joincsgo to gain access to the CS:GO exclusive channels. You can also type !joingmod or !joinrb6 if you have those games as well.

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