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So, in no way do I have the authority to implement changes or anything, but we can always suggest changes, I wanna know the communities ideas for rule changes or balances or fixes should be added to round out TTT!  


Personally, I think the T-shop should have a credits cap of around 550 or so, but they save from game to game.  I say somewhere around 550 so that you cant buy T 2 rounds in a row.  Maybe every day or so the credits in the T-shop will reset, or maybe just not reset at all.  I know personally I'll realize I have some extra credits, and its quite a bummer when they all go away next map.


Enough about my ideas, what are yours?

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Someone who isn't the best at the traitor role may not get enough credits to use the fun t items and can miss out on alot. Saving credits from map to map can allow them to play ttt in a new way by having more availability to t shop items.

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