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Just today, I've been switched over to jailbreak admin, and I wanna let you guys know that Jailbreak is a server we offer.  Its a grand deal of fun and with an admin on to make sure everything goes swell makes it even better.  Got some changes in the works as well, be sure to stay tuned for those!  Hope you guys have a good one :D.

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Just now, Fine said:

What's a JB


Warden (CT): The warden issues orders and is in charge of the prison, they may kill any prisoner that does not follow the orders given. If the round begins with only one guard they are automatically the warden even if they do not claim it with !w.


Deputy (CT): The deputy is second in command. The warden may appoint them at any time to give the prisoners orders temporarily. For example, if the warden decides to chase a rebel then the deputy can continue giving orders until the warden decides to take over again. If the warden dies the deputy automatically becomes the new warden of the prison.


Guard (CT): Assist the warden/deputy in controlling the prison. Ensure prisoners are following orders, kill any prisoner not following them also known as a rebel. Issue a warning shot if a prisoner is delaying. Guards must give prisoners at least 3 seconds to comply with an order unless they are intentionally rebelling. A prisoner who keeps taking 3 seconds to comply with new orders may be killed for intentionally detouring/delaying.

You may only become the warden/deputy if you have a working microphone unless you are the last guard alive or no other guards have a mic. Any guard who does not have a microphone may be swapped to the prisoner team.


Prisoner (T): Prisoners may either follow orders given by a warden for a chance at last request (!lr) or they may rebel against the guards and take over the prison.

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